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Chloe Black Gloves
Looking at these pictures, I have to laugh. Not because they are funny, but because they remind me of this man, this wonderful man who I adored. The man I wanted to marry. The man I loved. The man who got away. I was dancing at this club in Berlin and he was the manager. The first moment I saw him, I saw something special in his eyes. I can't say what, but they sparkled, which I still find strange because they were brown. Usually blue or green eyes draw people in, but the moment I looked into his eyes, I was smitten. Of course, he didn't say anything to me. In fact, he didn't show any interest whatsoever. Now, I thought I was cute and attractive at the time, and lots of men asked me out, but this man...All he ever said to me was, "Hello," "Goodbye," "You're on," and "Good show." That was it. During a year, I would do anything to catch his attention, which is why these pictures remind me of him. I started by playing cruel to get. Smiling, than looking away. Showing enough interest in him to make him think I wanted him, but not going any further. After a week of this, I realized it wouldn't work. I needed another plan. So, I asked him out to lunch. Nothing sexual, just lunch. He told me he didn't have time. I asked him out again. He said he already had lunch plans. I asked him out again, and again another excuse. pretty soon, I lost track of how many times I asked him to lunch and how many excuses he gave. By now, I was desperate, so I started to dress horny, at least I thought I was dressing horny. I would show as much of my boobs as I could, and he would look at my legs. I would wear horny stockings, and he would look the other way. I wore a fishnet body stocking one time and he didn't even glance. Needless to say, it was Very frustrating. Plus, I was young and a bit immature, so I couldn't accept that he just didn't want me. I didn't understand. But, now I do. Some people are just made for each other and some aren't. And, even if you think you are, both have to believe or else it won't happen. I certainly believed, but he didn't. Now, I often wonder about him. I haven't seen him in years and, no, we never did go to lunch. The sad part was, the only time he did show any interest in me was when he was engaged. I didn't tell you that, did I? He got engaged. And, when he did, he started to talk to me. We would have chats -- innocent talks that didn't amount to anything, but meant the world to me. One time, he told me that he saw something and it made him think of me. He was actually thinking of me. I thought there was hope. But, still, we never did anything. The worst part was, after a while, I didn't even think of him sexually. I just wanted to get to know him. I know that sounds strange, because if he offered, I would have gone anywhere and did anything he said. But, really, I didn't think we would go to lunch and have sex. It was enough that we went to lunch and talked. I could ask him all kinds of questions. Like, who invented liquid soap, and why? Why is the sky blue when space is black? (Actually, I know the answer...refraction of light, correct?) I would have liked to have seen if he chewed with his mouth open, or talked with food in his mouth. If he held my chair for me. If he opened the door for me. If he ordered a Coke or a Diet Coke. If he wore cologne or was natural. If his hands were as elegant as they were strong? If...he liked me. I still wonder...and I guess I will never know. Sometimes, now, I think I am fortunate. You see, he was my fantasy...and how can a fantasy be real? The way I see it, he was perfect just the way he was. He was my dream come true, and he will always be that...up here. In my head. In my mind. In that infinite space where lost love becomes paradise found and is special forever. In the land of dreams, where we are all perfect and eVery moment is magical. Yes, I am a dreamer. I always have been. And, I am a hopeless romantic. I'm sorry if I have bored all of you this week, ranting and raving about lost love. But, that's how I am. I start thinking about something and I cannot stop. As so many of you have e-mailed me, you have discovered that there is a lot more to me than just pictures. I hope, through these talks, I am sharing some of who I am with you and that way you can better understand me. I also hope I have not scared too many of you off. If I have, I apologize. As I am prone to say, please do not confuse my eccentricity with dysfunction. I think I am as normal as the next person. Actually, I know I am. I know many of you have had experiences like the one I described, because many of you are romantics as well. And now I am going off to sleep, where my love will be there waiting for me, as he is almost eVery night when I am feeling lonely. We will walk barefoot, hand-in-hand on a secluded beach, then will will lay down in a green, mountain meadow, and we will talk. We will talk about nothing and eVerything and I will fall more in love with eVery syllable he speaks. I hope you have appealing dreams, too. ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

Reflections of Linsey The following article is a guest essay by former Voluptuous, Leg Sex and 18eighteen magazine editor, Joe Monks. These days, Joe is the publisher of Chanting Monks Press, specializing in horror books and comics. My name is Joe Monks and I\'ve been invited to drop in for a guest editorial slot back at the old haunt. One of the editors who helps Linsey on LinseysWorld thought it would be cool for some LDM experience stories, and here\'s mine. I met with the big-busted one, after doing a phone interview with her in 1999. I was running Leg Sex magazine and had just come up with some pics for my mag showing off this lady\'s underrated assed and gams. I called her cell as she was driving over to John Graham\'s studio in London. She enjoyed the fact that somebody noticed she existed beneath the bosom, and we set up a leg shoot for later that year. You meet Linsey in person and sure, you see that she could walk around like one of those cigarette girls in the \'40s without using her hands to hold the tray. But you get to meet her, or have dinner with her, or be on-set with her, and you can tell why guys worldwide drool like Rottweilers in a junkyard waiting for a guy to try and steal some hubcaps. The bod is smoking, the accent drives me nuts personally, and her having all-natural boobs is just amazing. She has a voluminous sense of humor. For somebody like me who\'s met hundreds of models, let me tell you, a lot of them don\'t, and that kinda kills some of the allure when you meet them. Linsey gets rolling, and she is as personable as my other favorites: Nikki Diamond, Chaz, Exotica, Lorna Morgan and Brittany Love. Girls that are turn-ons totally clothed, even though you couldn\'t hide their curves with burlap and duct tape. I got to helm V-Mag for a while, and more than a few times, Linsey graced the pages of an issue I put together. I got more thankful letters from happy guys who had glued those pages together than perhaps for any other model. There is a reason we come back weekly to check out what this heartbreaker is up to, and stepping out of. Perhaps more than any other model, Linsey is the one that keeps you wanting to come back and visit. A dinner with Linsey and her sister Alyson was one of those happy events that just popped up and I\'ll never forget it. Linsey is the kind of person you meet, and believe me guys, you remember her forever! --Joe Monks (Leg Sex editor, retired), Author, Stuff Out\'a My HeadSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!

Jenna"s 36HH-cups under Mexican skies
Jenna Valentine"s first shoot for SCORE took place in Miami. A few months later, she was on Grand Bahama Island with Karla James, Arianna Sinn, Taylor Steele and Natalie Fiore. A United Nations of voluminous-titted girls. More than a year later, Jenna was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Leanne Crow, Hitomi, Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore. That"s where this bikini shoot was filmed. Jenna and her 36HH-cups do this polka-dot bikini justice.

Jenna talked about some of the girls the last time she was at SCORE.

"I talk to Leanne on Facebook and Twitter. I really love Hitomi. She"s like a real-life Hello Kitty. She"s so cute. It"s like she"s not real. I think it"s her broken English. And she always says she wants to shoot with me. I missed her in Mexico. And I talk with Arianna Sinn sometimes although she"s not on social media that much. She"s so sweet."

I like Jenna"s Addams Family sense of humor. It"s dry and funny-weird. I don"t know any other SCORE or V-mag Girl with her style. This excerpt is from one of her interviews.

"I dated a few guys who really loved voluminous boobs, so they were really happy and wouldn"t stop titillating them, and I"ve dated guys who just didn"t care. I don"t know what"s more annoying, guys who won"t stop titillating them when I"m trying to watch TV or guys who don"t care about them. I need a happy medium. My ex would touch my nipples all the time and I was like, "I"m trying to watch The Real Housewives and you"re titillating my have sexual intercourse nipples right now. It"s annoying." Don"t touch my nipples while I"m watching Bravo."

Her comments about getting penish pics in her emails and on Twitter are also hilarious.

Last I knew, Jenna was a make-up artist on adult video sets, a job she enjoys Very much, although the guys hit on her all the time. They can"t help it.
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Miss Gina George, she of the 34HH breasts and hourglass rack, requests the delighting of your company to witness her naughty, cum-drenched threesome with two boob-happy, hung studs. Miss George will be double-teamed from both sides, with penish in her mouth and penish in her cunt at all times. This will sadly make it difficult for Gina to shout out filthy, rude comments but this is one of those times that such sacrifices are required. An all-around randy lady with mammoth mams from the Borough of Swindon in southern England, Gina's lascivious nature drew her to hot modeling, from solos with cunt toys to fucking, and she tells us that she enjoys eVerything she does. She says a elegant-on is the highest compliment she can get from a man. When XL Girls offered her a place of honor, and some healthy, elegant men to play with, she accepted. Gina comes by Tom's place to massage him but he'd rather massage her considerable boobs with his tongue and hands. To sink his fingers into that soft tit-flesh is joy and Gina feels the same way. Meanwhile, his buddy Jay is napping on the couch. Jay awakens when he hears the unmistakable sounds of someone give suck a penish. Gina is reclining on the couch over Tom and slurping on his considerable banger, the saliva dripping out of her mouth. Tom is tripping out as Gina gives him the Gina George special blowjob job. Jay comes over, and even though he has no invitation, he decides to join the duo and make it a raunchy three-way afternoon. Why do English women seem raunchier than Americans when they do porn Gina has no objection to a second elegant penish to play with. In fact, she's gagging for it. Gina takes matters into her own hands and begins give suck them both. Who will roger Gina first Since Tom found Gina, he should have first dibs on who gets to bone her first. Jay's turn will come next. Tom sinks his shaft into Gina's warm and wet muff, Jay feeds Gina sausage and the fun escalates. Look for a reverse tit-fuck that Gina gets from Tom. This way he can screw her breasts while she licks his nuts hanging over her face. See More of Gina George at XLGIRLS.COM!

Naked Yoga, large boobs & Bush It may be a naked yoga session for Dulcinea (aka Aeryn Elise) but getting her large tits swinging and bouncing and spreading her bushy taco is part of the plan. Naked yoga is an ancient art and there should be a Naked Yoga Day. And why not After all there's National Pizza Pie Day (February 9) or Grab Some Nuts Day (August 3). Peace out! Dulcinea's top three sexual experiences: My partner and I met at a cabin for the weekend with another couple. I'm really charming friends with the guy, so we had the idea that he could write a script and we could film his ultimate fantasy. Fast forward a few minutes, and his wife is splayed out blow both his and my partner's penish and I'm eating her cunt like it's the last meal I'll ever have. At one point I stopped, looked up at all of them and said, 'This is the hottest thing I've ever seen!' And holy fuck, it was. Needless to say, they loved the final edit of their video! My partner and I were hanging out with a couple we played with regularly, and the guy wanted to try bum with me so bad. Up until this point I had only had bum sex with my partner but it was a bit difficult, so I was convinced there was all this prep work and complications that went along with it. First he put me on their Sybian sex machine so I came and choked on his penish at the same time. Then, his wife and I shared a double dildo while blow on both of their penishs. At this point, I was so lost in my own delight that I was willing to do anything! He pulled me close and asked if he could slide his penish inside my asshole. I enthusiastically agreed and it was some of the most amazing sex I've ever had! There was this girl I was really into but she was super shy. I decided I would have to make the first move. So, we were hanging out during the final hours of a friend's wedding and I mentioned that I forgot something in my car and she should come with me to grab it. We giggled and flirted during the long walk there, and once we made it, to my surprise, she grabbed me and kissed me! Then she slid her hand up my skirt and started fingering me! I came all over her! I pulled her close and squeezed her amazing tits. We have sexual intercourse like that for a while, right there by the car for anyone to see! It was so exhilarating, especially since exhibitionism is one of my largegest fetishes. See More of Dulcinea at .COM!

Call of the bottom Shyest of the shy. The most-bashful and most-quiet girl ever to visit XL Girls. Bri Love had never modeled before she came to XL Girls. She has moved quickly for such a shy babe. From nude modeling to wank to her first full-on elegantcore and now to her first anus sexing. It's the Call of the bottom for this charming, down-home girl, so young and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a girl gets, the more she wants. Bri waits for her booty-fuck expert Rocky to appear. He'll be taking pleasant care of Bri. Sitting on a couch, she rubs her cunt in anticipation, her big boobs ready to spill out of her teddy. Rocky watches. He moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri's clit and snatch. suc her nipples and squeezing her girls. Rocky will take Bri's virgin bottomhole. She has never met studs like this back home. First, Rocky must prepare Bri. Train her. He feeds her his bone and Bri is eager to give him a hot blowjob job. Spreading out on the couch, Bri squeezes her large hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fuck was a new experience for her. Now she can practice more tit-fuck (and eVerything else about sex she's learned) back home. Bri's soft jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky's tit-sliding. Now it's time to heat up her pink honey-pie. She gasps when his sausage penetrates her cunt. Soon it will be the right moment to enter her young booty and fuck it pleasant. Rocky enters Bri's booty, building up from slow and easy to elegant and fast. He holds her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri's cries fill the room. The feeling of penish fuck her booty is new to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her bottom is drilled, each thrust punctuated by a scream. She looks to Rocky for guidance and bootyurance. Not to worry, Bri, your booty is in pleasant hands. The Call of the bottom is strong. There's a first time for eVerything. This was Bri's first penish in her charming booty...ever. She did it for you.See More of Bri Love at XLGIRLS.COM!

How to make a model
This is what I wrote about this scene pairing young and lustful Noelle Easton from Tennessee with super stud Tony DeSergio.

"The life of a men's magazine photographer is a rough life. He spends all day in the company of beautiful, hot girls who are completely naked almost all of the time. He must photograph them all day with hardly a minute for coffee or lunch. He often must ask these lustful thangs the most intimate of questions on-camera for interview purposes, questions of a sexual nature he would be too shy to ask his own wife. His face is regularly within inches of their glistening pussies, wet from the excitement of exposing themselves. Yes, it's a difficult, unheralded, demanding job. How these men have the strength to drag themselves to work eVery morning is a testament to their job dedication."

Tony is the SCORE cameraman trying to get through the day with Noelle. Yet even he is not made of steel nor does he embrace the celibate vows of the priesthood. In other words, he fucks the hell out of 18-year-old hottie Noelle.

"Facials are just so much hotter than normal, y'know, cum in your vagina," Noelle said about how she likes a guy to finish. "I'm just like, 'Cum on my face! Let it drip down me.' I like them to just kind of aim towards my mouth, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little gets in my mouth and then it just drips down my chin and down my boobs, and whatever I have left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it drip down. I just think that's so hot."

When I was 18, girls in my neighborhood didn't talk like this. They wore baggy blue jeans, baggy flannel shirts and played guitar badly with their girlfriends. If you made a move on them, their fathers would come after you with a baseball bat.

So what does Noelle wear on any given day?

"I would most likely be wearing a low-cut tank top and no bra, short shorts and cowboy boots. I have kind of a cameltoe vagina. My vagina lips are full."

Why wasn't I born in Tennessee?

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Dulcinea is on foot looking for a friend's address. She's using her phone to guide her, but that's not working too well. A top-heavy tourist in town, she's lost. Tony comes to her rescue, stopping his car in the middle of the street when he sees this bosomy brunette. He offers to drive this curvy stranger over and once they get to the house, he gives her a welcome bang to kick off her vacation in a show of heartwarming local hospitality. Most people would probably guess my boobs are what I consider best about me but after spending time with lots of men and women, it's most definitely my eyes, Dulcinea said. I love putting on a bit of makeup to emphasize them and then taking my time with a long, sloppy blowjob, making eye contact the entire time. The only reason guys last is because I draw out the tease. If I can tell they're close, I just softly say, 'Wanna cumshot on my lovely face' Boom! Instant orgasm! Which models does she highly admire and would like to meet one day I have so many I admire! My husband and I are really into Sha Rizel and Hitomi, and I would love to hang out with Milly Marks, Jennica Lynn, and Micky Bells. Dulcinea's got a much higher sex drive compared to the women she's known. Definitely! A lot of girls are somewhat repressed and see sex as sort of a 'duty.' This is weird to me because I love make love! And I love to do it all the time. It's also surprising to find out that a lot of girls don't get into it. I'm like, 'You haven't come so heavy you blacked out You don't grind his dick until you can't move!' That is make love sex! A swinger, Dulcinea's enjoying the ride. EVeryone has been so supportive. The best reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. He was so stoked I did modeling so he wanted to watch it before he and his wife played with my partner and I. It was easy to tell he was really enjoying watching me because he got crazy heavy in the first few seconds. I was too nervous to make the first move, but I should've gotten things started by penish sucking his dick right there! See More of Dulcinea at .COM!

36EEE Porn Store Salesgirl
Danni Lynne is a salesgirl in a porn store when who walks in but JMac. His girlfriend is going away and he's looking around for a device to provide male relief. Effervescent Danni shows him The Fleshlight. There's a kitty one and a ass one. She shows him rubber feet. He asks about a substitute for large breasts since he's a boob-man. Danni doesn't sell that but since they're talking fake breasts, she invites him to touch he large large real boobs. Who would refuse that offer?

After feeling up Danni's 36EEE-cups, JMac and Danni forget about the merchandise and go for some hot relief of their own right in the shop. Danni's breasts are chest perfect to slide his penish between and into her lascivious mouth. A porn store fantasy comes true. If you know a porn shop clerk in your neighborhood with a rack like Danni's, contact us immediately. We pay finders' fees.

Danni is new at this. So far, it's part-time. Does she like being watched while she's naked or doing the wild thing? What about shooting photos and videos? "To some degree. It depends on who's watching and what kind of mood I'm in. I like the idea of all the guys out there seeing my pictures. I could be a nudist. There are times when I don't want to wear clothes. If Eve never would've bitten that apple, we would've been naked anyway. That's how I see it. We should all never wear clothes."

Danni talked about her longest sexual experience.

"We started at ten at night and finished at six in the morning. I think he cheated and took Viagra, but I wasn't going to say anything. I definitely wasn't complaining. It was fine. It was around three hours of being in my mouth or kitty. I couldn't believe he didn't ejaculate until six in the morning. I said, 'There's no way I've ejaculate three, four times and you haven't ejaculate once.'"
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Black In Shyla Shy
Shyla Shy is dressed like the farmer's daughter. Shyla is hanging with Lucas at SCORE. Shyla stands up at his instruction and she turns around to show her ass, legs and tits. She was made to be make love good. Lucas plays with Shyla's 38G 46 inch hooters. A breast-man like him could just latch onto those all day but he knows better. Didn't Shyla once bemoan an ex-boyfriend who was interested in only her tits in a busty interview?

"Whenever we were in bed, he didn't want to have sexual intercourse me normally, he just wanted to have sexual intercourse my tits, and he always wanted to cum on my tits. I'd have to say to him, "I have a pussy, you know!' But all he wanted to do was have sexual intercourse my tits, and that got old. Guys who date girls with big tits have to know that they're more than just a pair of tits. Their entire body needs attention."

Shyla likes demanding, assertive guys, not guys she has to wind-up to have sexual intercourse her. She likes violent sex but only when she's doing the violent stuff like bouncing heavy in cowgirl. "Don't bite my nipples. They're too sensitive," Shyla has said in her chats with V-mag editors. Lucas removes the blonde bunny's thong panties, lays Shyla on the couch and eats out her shaved cunt, getting it wet and prepared for have sexual intercourseing. But first, he must feed her the BBC.

She blow the black pipe hands-free, then hand-jerks and blows it. He directs Shyla on how to mouth-worship his meat in low tones that the mikes can barely pick up. Shyla is the kind of girl who appreciates and respects being directed and instructed by her sex dates. No time spent with Shyla can pass without have sexual intercourseing her tits. This time, she kneels and squeezes her boobs, mashing them together while she uses her hands to massage the pipe. Lucas quietly orders Shyla to sit on his lap. She will be mounted on his pole and the have sexual intercourseing will begin.

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