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Dressing The pumpkins Princess pumpkins tries on some lascivious outfits, And yes, she does wear clothing like this when she's shopping And doing ordinary errAnds. After she approves her mirror images, Princess shows her naked royal Rack And gets busy. To say she has great natural tits is the understatement of the year. : Which great-boob models would you like to meet face-to-face Or boob-to-boob Princess: Hitomi And Sheridan Love have always been my idols for lack of a better term. There are so many inviting girls I would love to meet from , whether it is face-to-face, boob-to-boob or pussy- to-pussy. Preferably the last two! : They would be flattered to know that. A percentage of fans always ask if a girl will do hardcore. What are your thoughts about that Princess: I am dying to have sexual intercourse a huge penish on-camera as long as that huge penish is attached to a lascivious model with huge tits. All the time, we see plenty of guys nailing girls And it is super hot. I want to bring the fans something new. I want to show them all the raw passion And insane sex you've seen from boy-girl shoots And be the first Girl to do a true hardcore girl-on-girl video. I'm not talking about just eating out And using a dildo on each other. I mean full-blown, wearing a great, juicy, strap-on penish And have sexual intercourseing each other into oblivion. : Do any of your cam viewers ask you about hardcore Princess: They do! In fact, it was my cam viewers who told me to bring up the girl-girl hardcore idea to . Since my guests come to see me almost daily, they give me a lot of lovely ideas as to what people want to see more of! : Do you tend to keep your Princess pumpkins And your cosplayer Bunny Blaze roles separate Princess: In the beginning, I tried to separate them but they have become one And the same. I do some beautiful lascivious cosplay that could very easily be considered 18+ And I am really hoping to do some even naughtier cosplay in the future. : I've see some very busty cosplayers who would be lovely models but they don't seem interested. How many cosplay expos do you attend on average Princess: I would say I go to about ten a year. I can't help myself. I love to get dressed up in barely-fitting anime costumes And shop for comic book artwork And slutty anime statues. See More of Princess pumpkins at .COM!


Miss Gina George, she of the 34HH breasts And hourglass Rack, requests the delighting of your company to witness her naughty, cum-drenched threesome with two boob-happy, hung studs. Miss George will be double-teamed from both sides, with penish in her mouth And penish in her cunt at all times. This will sadly make it difficult for Gina to shout out filthy, rude comments but this is one of those times that such sacrifices are required. An all-around rAndy lady with mammoth mams from the Borough of Swindon in southern EnglAnd, Gina's lascivious nature drew her to hot modeling, from solos with cunt toys to fucking, And she tells us that she enjoys everything she does. She says a elegant-on is the highest compliment she can get from a man. When XL Girls offered her a place of honor, And some healthy, elegant men to play with, she accepted. Gina comes by Tom's place to massage him but he'd rather massage her considerable boobs with his tongue And hAnds. To sink his fingers into that soft tit-flesh is joy And Gina feels the same way. Meanwhile, his buddy Jay is napping on the couch. Jay awakens when he hears the unmistakable sounds of someone give suck a penish. Gina is reclining on the couch over Tom And slurping on his considerable banger, the saliva dripping out of her mouth. Tom is tripping out as Gina gives him the Gina George special blowjob job. Jay comes over, And even though he has no invitation, he decides to join the duo And make it a raunchy three-way afternoon. Why do English women seem raunchier than Americans when they do porn Gina has no objection to a second elegant penish to play with. In fact, she's gagging for it. Gina takes matters into her own hAnds And begins give suck them both. Who will roger Gina first Since Tom found Gina, he should have first dibs on who gets to bone her first. Jay's turn will come next. Tom sinks his shaft into Gina's warm And wet muff, Jay feeds Gina sausage And the fun escalates. Look for a reverse tit-fuck that Gina gets from Tom. This way he can screw her breasts while she licks his nuts hanging over her face. See More of Gina George at XLGIRLS.COM!


Tony is minding his own business And watering the lawn when new neighbor Chrissy Monroe struts by on her way to her apartment. Now, Chrissy is a excited blonde with a Rack so, naturally, Tony eye-bangs her for a second but doesn't say anything to her. Chrissy is a courtesan from the Love Ranch North in Nevada And there's nothing anyone can teach her about sex And pleasing guys. Watching from inside is Mr. Monroe And he's boiling mad over Tony checking out his wife's crazy-generous body. Confronting our hero, he yells at apologetic Tony, And just as it's about to get really ugly, a phone call has him running off but promising to return. Meanwhile, Chrissy is getting turned on by the exchange And when her husbAnd leaves in a huff, she invites Tony in, an act similar to hAnding him a stick of burning dynamite. The lure of a new And excited girl to make love overrides Tony's instinct for survival And he follows her into the bedroom. Chrissy pulls out her voluminous natural tits for Tony's pleasure. He give suck And rubs her twin peaks, forgetting that he's risking his neck for some hot vagina. Chrissy gets naked And kneels by the bed. She stares at him with make love-me eyes as she parts her lips for his balls And boner. She's a voluminous penish sucking job artist. Holding her head, Tony make loves her mouth, filling it with penish meat. Climbing into the bed she shares with the absent Mr. Monroe, Chrissy resumes her penish sucking job, then tit-make loves him. Getting on top, Chrissy wedges his make love-stick into her vagina And rides him like a horse, shifts to her side for more And gets on her hAnds And knees for a bang from behind. The look on Chrissy's face shows that she's not too worried about the wrath of her spouse or the jizz that he might find in his wife's vagina after Tony cream-pies her. See More of Chrissy Monroe at .COM!


36EEE Porn Store Salesgirl
Danni Lynne is a salesgirl in a porn store when who walks in but JMac. His girlfriend is going away And he's looking around for a device to provide male relief. Effervescent Danni shows him The Fleshlight. There's a kitty one And a ass one. She shows him rubber feet. He asks about a substitute for large breasts since he's a boob-man. Danni doesn't sell that but since they're talking fake breasts, she invites him to touch he large large real boobs. Who would refuse that offer?

After feeling up Danni's 36EEE-cups, JMac And Danni forget about the merchAndise And go for some hot relief of their own right in the shop. Danni's breasts are chest perfect to slide his penish between And into her lascivious mouth. A porn store fantasy comes true. If you know a porn shop clerk in your neighborhood with a Rack like Danni's, contact us immediately. We pay finders' fees.

Danni is new at this. So far, it's part-time. Does she like being watched while she's naked or doing the wild thing? What about shooting photos And videos? "To some degree. It depends on who's watching And what kind of mood I'm in. I like the idea of all the guys out there seeing my pictures. I could be a nudist. There are times when I don't want to wear clothes. If Eve never would've bitten that apple, we would've been naked anyway. That's how I see it. We should all never wear clothes."

Danni talked about her longest sexual experience.

"We started at ten at night And finished at six in the morning. I think he cheated And took Viagra, but I wasn't going to say anything. I definitely wasn't complaining. It was fine. It was around three hours of being in my mouth or kitty. I couldn't believe he didn't ejaculate until six in the morning. I said, 'There's no way I've ejaculate three, four times And you haven't ejaculate once.'"
See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAnd.COM!


Roxanne Miller, bikini brickhouse
Excerpts from an interview with Romanian brickhouse Roxanne Miller, who's all-natural all the way.

Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the Rack?

Roxanne: I order them from the UK. The biggest cup in Romania is the E-cup. And I am spilling out of the GGs I have. I'll get an H on the next order.

When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your tits, or not? What do you wear on a regular day?

Roxanne: Whatever I wear emphasizes my tits. Last time in a pub, I had a see-through blouse with a lascivious pair of leather leggings And army boots. I usually dress like a glam-rock lascivious lady. Leather jacket, black tight tank-top, short jeans, skinny jeans or short skirt, black pantyhose And boots. And the cleavage is never missing.

What position do you sleep in?

Roxanne: I fall asleep on my belly with the head to the right. It's sooooo comfortable. The rest of the night I don't know what I do! You can cut wood on me And I won't wake up. But if you touch me in-between my legs, I'll take my panties down And practically invite you inside me. I wake up, feel nice And then I sleep even better.

When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit right?

Roxanne: First is the back strap. If it's loose, it won't be okay for the back. If it's too tight, it's not okay, either, cause you need to breathe. Then the cup should contain all the tit without pushing it in And pretending to be a nice size. The tits should stay relaxed in the bra And the middle of the bra should stay on the breastbone. There has been some research that has shown that a bra that's not the right size can cause trauma to the tits.

How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Roxanne: I don't throw them out, I might use them for photo shoots or when I go online. I ruined two bras in six months. I don't wear bras when I am at home.

Or when she's finished taking off her clothes for us. That's just the way we like it.

See More of Roxanne Miller at SCORELAnd2.COM!


Bath & Breastfest
Other models talk about Linsey:

Annie Swanson (SCORE And busty model):
busty: When you first saw your boyfriend's busty magazines, which models caught your eye?
Annie: Obviously Linsey Dawn. That's a given.
busty: Why Linsey?
Annie: She's got a petite face. And, you know, she has a large Rack compared to her waist. You know, it's sweet to see girls who have largeger tits than me, because you don't see girls with large tits walking on the streets.

Angela White (SCORE And busty model):
"I love Linsey. I think I've got a little obsession with her. I'd like to dominate Linsey because she's portrayed as the best large-boob model in the United Kingdom, And it gives her power. She's got those large tits And that tiny, little waist. I just want to overpower her. I'd go nuts. I'd probably just, like, get a dildo And start make love her, And I'd probably make her lick me out, sit on her face, that kind of thing."

Kellie Garnett (SCORE And busty model):
SCORE: Was school a sweet experience?
Kellie: It was sweet. But it was very daunting because I didn't feel I was a part of everybody else because they were all very flat chested. But then there was a time when I got to be 16. There's a local paper in London called The Daily Sport, I don't know if you know it, I'm sure you do And I saw Linsey Dawn McKenzie in there for the first time And I thought, "Wow, there's another girl out there who has tits as large as mine." So I think from then on it was a positive experience.
Gina Marie LaMontana (busty model):
busty: Is there anyone you've seen in busty that you admire or that you're impressed by?
Gina Marie: It takes a lot to impress me, but I think Linsey Dawn McKenzie is phenomenal. She always looks very sweet.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!


Customer Service XLGirls.com Style Kendra Lee Ryan has a wham-bam-slam-ya-mam XXX scene. She's cute! said XL Girl Nikki Smith who always warmly welcomes a sister-in-boobs. Kendra is a salesgirl in a men's clothing shop. She's alone And eager for a cruel man to have sexual intercourse among the Racks. Just like the salesgirls at clothing stores in your neighborhood. Not! And as far as Racks go, Kendra's Rack is stacked! voluminous boobs always look voluminousger on little (5'3) girls. Mr. Levi walks in, although he acts like a stalker at first. But Kendra straightens him the have sexual intercourse right out with her voluminous boobs, hungry mouth And tight cunt-hole. I try to have sex at least two times a day, Kendra said. Clitoral stimulation along with penetration And a little finger play with my bottom really make me explode. My favorite positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl And bent over a counter. I love to blow cock And use a penish to tease my clit. I'm bisexual. I love licking cunt And pleasing a hot girl. I rarely have bottomhole sex but I love my elegant bottom plug during sex And I love being licked And finger-banged. Kendra's voluminous boobs, mouth And cunt are well-filled And she gets to blow down Levi's nut-juice. She also rings up a sale at the store. Now that's true customer service! She deserves the Salesgirl of the Month award. I love blowing cock And I swallow. Real women swallow, plus I love the taste of cum. See More of Kendra Lee Ryan at XLGIRLS.COM!


Massage Parlor Girl When I was dancing, men were always telling me that I should go to The Group so I followed their suggestions, Kacey Parker told us. She likes pulling mean pranks on her friends. Fortunately for Tony, he got a very happy ending, not a prank. Kacey gets to lay her hAnds down on Tony's pipe And bust his stress with her pierced tongue, deep cleavage chasm And warm, wet, pink pussy. A messy happy ending caps this expert rub-down. I love what I do. I love porn, says Kacey. More masseuses should follow Kacey's lead. She's definitely a role model. Any man in need of healing hAnds would welcome Kacey And her tighty-whities working on his bod. Blue-green eyed Kacey is a sultry-speaking chubby who's made sex her life's work. I love Dressing like a slut, Kacey said. Boobies just everywhere! I can't just buy my bras off the Rack. I have to get bras especially made for big tits! The only time I really wear a bra is when I go out clubbing with the girls. I'm an attention whore. I love it when wives catch their husbAnds staring at my big tits! If Kacey means the kind of clubbing when she clubs a guy over the head with her violent jugs, we are there. Kacey once described her special talents as, Titty-fucking And penish give suck penish at the same time. I love penish give suck heavy penish And licking balls. Now that's true talent. She has an oral fixation she can't control. Many men love to fill her throat with their nut-juice. See More of Kacey Parker at XLGIRLS.COM!


First Double Penetration Look up whole lotta woman And you\'ll see Amaya May\'s picture. On her webcam, where they jack to her Rack, Amaya is known as Giggles_4u. She also owns a dance studio. This strapping Amazon brings her sex And flex appeal back to the large show for her first threesome double-penetration. If a mountain was named after this brick-house woman, a six-footer in heels, it would be Mt. Ever-breast. Amaya\'s natural 38Gs, ready to fall out of her unbuttoned cardigan, propel her two make love-boys into action, each taking a breast of the situation to have a boob fest. Amaya pumps their balls up with a wet, blow mouth. They take sides, one to make love her cunt, the other to make love her mouth. make love my anus, says Amaya. A golden opportunity. She gets make loveed in her butthole, missionary-style, while bro #2 feeds her more cock. Then the large, big moment. Simultaneous tail-pipe And cunt stuffing. Amaya May\'s first double-penetration. : Which anus position hit your zone the best Amaya: Tony during the DP. Damn! I\'m gonna touch myself thinking about it! : In your model questionnaire, you wrote that you\'re so-so with anus-licking. Has a guy ever tossed your salad And have you tossed a guy\'s salad Amaya: I\'ve had mine tossed And tossed a few although some guys won\'t let you near it! : Have you ever done a DP with a partner make loveing your cunt while using an anus toy on you Amaya: I love using toys. I\'ve played with them in every way possible! : Do you like to make love your anus with anus toys Amaya: I like the real thing at home but use toys in my cam room! See More of Amaya May at .COM!


It"s A Fact: This Lady"s Stacked
Amaya May is watching "The busty Housewives of SCORELAnd" (or something like that) on television when Tony Rubino sneaks behind her for a Rack attack. Amaya"s huge boobs are a magnet. If you love voluminous boobs, resistance is useless. His hAnds are magnetically attracted to them. Amaya likes to play with her great hooters as much as any guy. It"s a fact that many voluminous-boobed chicks automatically fondle their boobs when watching TV, reading or surfing the web.

Tony works Amaya"s voluminous nipples over with fingers And tongue. That gets her juices flowing. It"s the kind of foreplay she likes. He sticks a hAnd down her cut-offs, then stAnds her up And strips this mighty-mighty brick house down. Kneeling her down, Tony tit-have sexual intercourses Amaya, throat-have sexual intercourses her And tells her to sit on his pole And grind. Since Amaya is a trained dancer And runs her own dance studio back home, she"s a winner at dirty-dancing, especially on top of heavy men. It"s a lap dance with banging.

"I like a man who pays attention to what I like," Amaya says. "I"m good assertive at sex. I like to have sexual intercourse almost every day And I like it when a guy gives my voluminous boobs a lot of attention."

Show some love for Amaya And leave a voluminous donation in her name. Watching this Amazon get railed by Tony can get a tit-lovin" dude good have sexual intercoursein" worked up!

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