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Reflections of Linsey The following article is a guest essay by former Voluptuous, Leg Sex and 18eighteen magazine editor, Joe Monks. These days, Joe is the publisher of Chanting Monks Press, specializing in horror books and comics. My name is Joe Monks and I\'ve been invited to drop in for a guest editorial slot back at the old haunt. One of the editors who helps Linsey on LinseysWorld thought it would be cool for some LDM experience stories, and here\'s mine. I met with the big-busted one, after doing a phone interview with her in 1999. I was running Leg Sex magazine and had just come up with some pics for my mag showing off this Lady\'s underrated assed and gams. I called her cell as she was driving over to John Graham\'s studio in London. She enjoyed the fact that somebody noticed she existed beneath the bosom, and we set up a leg shoot for later that year. You meet Linsey in person and sure, you see that she could walk around like one of those cigarette girls in the \'40s without using her hands to hold the tray. But you get to meet her, or have dinner with her, or be on-set with her, and you can tell why guys worldwide drool like Rottweilers in a junkyard waiting for a guy to try and steal some hubcaps. The bod is smoking, the accent drives me nuts personally, and her having all-natural boobs is just amazing. She has a voluminous sense of humor. For somebody like me who\'s met hundreds of models, let me tell you, a lot of them don\'t, and that kinda kills some of the allure when you meet them. Linsey gets rolling, and she is as personable as my other favorites: Nikki Diamond, Chaz, Exotica, Lorna Morgan and Brittany Love. Girls that are turn-ons totally clothed, even though you couldn\'t hide their curves with burlap and duct tape. I got to helm V-Mag for a while, and more than a few times, Linsey graced the pages of an issue I put together. I got more thankful letters from happy guys who had glued those pages together than perhaps for any other model. There is a reason we come back weekly to check out what this heartbreaker is up to, and stepping out of. Perhaps more than any other model, Linsey is the one that keeps you wanting to come back and visit. A dinner with Linsey and her sister Alyson was one of those happy events that just popped up and I\'ll never forget it. Linsey is the kind of person you meet, and believe me guys, you remember her forever! --Joe Monks (Leg Sex editor, retired), Author, Stuff Out\'a My HeadSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!

Miss Gina George, she of the 34HH breasts and hourglass rack, requests the delighting of your company to witness her naughty, cum-drenched threesome with two boob-happy, hung studs. Miss George will be double-teamed from both sides, with penish in her mouth and penish in her cunt at all times. This will sadly make it difficult for Gina to shout out filthy, rude comments but this is one of those times that such sacrifices are required. An all-around randy Lady with mammoth mams from the Borough of Swindon in southern England, Gina's lascivious nature drew her to hot modeling, from solos with cunt toys to fucking, and she tells us that she enjoys everything she does. She says a elegant-on is the highest compliment she can get from a man. When XL Girls offered her a place of honor, and some healthy, elegant men to play with, she accepted. Gina comes by Tom's place to massage him but he'd rather massage her considerable boobs with his tongue and hands. To sink his fingers into that soft tit-flesh is joy and Gina feels the same way. Meanwhile, his buddy Jay is napping on the couch. Jay awakens when he hears the unmistakable sounds of someone give suck a penish. Gina is reclining on the couch over Tom and slurping on his considerable banger, the saliva dripping out of her mouth. Tom is tripping out as Gina gives him the Gina George special blowjob job. Jay comes over, and even though he has no invitation, he decides to join the duo and make it a raunchy three-way afternoon. Why do English women seem raunchier than Americans when they do porn Gina has no objection to a second elegant penish to play with. In fact, she's gagging for it. Gina takes matters into her own hands and begins give suck them both. Who will roger Gina first Since Tom found Gina, he should have first dibs on who gets to bone her first. Jay's turn will come next. Tom sinks his shaft into Gina's warm and wet muff, Jay feeds Gina sausage and the fun escalates. Look for a reverse tit-fuck that Gina gets from Tom. This way he can screw her breasts while she licks his nuts hanging over her face. See More of Gina George at XLGIRLS.COM!

Busty Coed Wants Your Wood
This is the kind of student body that gets all the attention, the campus cleavage-baring coed who gives her male classmates and professors a boner and a lesson in "Adult Education." Holly Wood even gives her female classmates a Lady boner.

SCORELAND: Holly, are there any SCORE models you'd want to make a girl-girl or girl-girl-boy scene with?

Holly: Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy are so sexy. Dolly Fox looks like so much fun. And Hitomi would be a wild experience! Who knows? Perhaps it will come together soon!

SCORELAND: Have you shopped in porn stores? What kind of reaction did you get?

Holly: I did when I was younger. There wasn't much of a reaction, really. Now I buy everything online or here at the Bunny Ranch.

SCORELAND: That's surprising with all the hounds who hang out at adult shops. Have you ever had sex in a parked car?

Holly: Please! I owned a transportation company for years. I've had sex in limos, SUVs and cars. One time, I was driving home from Lake Tahoe and went down an empty mountain road, dropped the top of my Corvette and took a ride of another sort until he picked me up and brought me around and bent me over the back. Man, that was a thrill!

SCORELAND: What motivated you to become a Bunny Ranch girl? How did you even know about it?

Holly: Funny story, actually. I met the owner, Dennis Hof, and his best friend Ron Jeremy at Porn Star Karaoke in Burbank, California. He invited me up to see the place for myself. I had no idea what to expect but I instantly fell in love with the Bunny Ranch, the staff, the amazing fun girls and the idea of actually making money for sex. I had sex all the time anyway! And now I get paid to have orgasms! Dream job! Now, this was years ago. I only stayed for a few months and left to pursue other ventures. Later, I realized what I was missing. So I came back in 2014 and I haven't looked back!

See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!

Mbottomagin' Those large Mams What Daylene Rio likes a man to do is give me a lovely mbottomage from head to toe. So that's what this large tit have sexual intercourse-fest is all about. At least in the beginning. Daylene could use a lovely mbottomage. That's what we're here for. She can get that mbottomage and get a lovely sexin' too. This is a one-stop pop shop. Seeing Daylene's voluminous tits shake and her large bottom quake is one of the voluminous delightings of living in this large boobed world. It's the real voluminousest show on earth. This is Daylene's fourth time doing the horizontal samba with JMac. By now they should be pen pals. JMac gets hands-on with Daylene at the mbottomage room and by the time they're done, Daylene's good kisser and large hooters are dripping with spunk. From the beginning, Daylene has her have sexual intercourse-face on while she waits for her mbottomage. His fingers knead and caress her fleshy bottom and giant Lady-mounds that are soaked in oil. First, that phat butt, then those super-hangers get palmed and rubbed. Daylene's eyes light up as she lies flat on her back during the breast mbottomage. She wants to suck. Pursing her mouth, she heads south to give him lip service, then a tit-have sexual intercourseing and sloppy deep-throat dick swallow. JMac gets Daylene on the table, turns her side-saddle and shoves his rod all the way in, for starters. The action doesn't let up for a second. They have sexual intercourse on the mbottomage table. They have sexual intercourse on the floor. They have sexual intercourse everywhere. Daylene's screams of delighting fill the room as his dick fills Daylene's juicy box and makes her cumshot hard. She's drunk on dick, her eyes rolling in her head by the time she's doused by a blast of guy-gravy. A spectacular slam-bam from a spectacular Girl. I'm much more open about sex now than I was before I started, says Daylene, 100% man-pleaser.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

Holiday Of Hooters
Everyone's got a North Pole when more photos and videos of Katie Thornton are delivered by Santa to SCORELAND. For this occasion, jiggle belle Katie is wearing the official Santa's helper costume. It's a elegant thing the ol' workshop has central heating.

SCORE's Newcomer of the Year contest is about to close and it's been a tight race. Here's a couple of comments about Katie by two of her followers.

"While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as pretty as this one! Those luscious red lips, those smoldering hazel eyes, that divine blonde hair...all together, this Lady would be horny enough to stop traffic even without the two assets which so amply qualify her to be a top-notch SCORE Girl being quite so very ample as they are. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie's case somehow manages to sound exotically horny even to a fellow Brit like me, and I predict that the whole package could very easily add up to a future SCORE Hall of Famer in the works although hopefully not for a very long time!"

"Katie Thornton is a very welcome addition to SCORE! This girl is the total package. Her face is pretty, with flowing blonde hair, smoky eyes, and a seductive smile. Then there's her amazing body, with perfect, full, GG-cup round tits, plus long, horny legs, and a big ass. As a bonus, she's completely shaved, and gives us a big view! I hope to see lots more Katie Thornton in the near future. She has got to be a strong contender for 2015 SCORE Newcomer of the Year."
See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!

George makes Angel Sweets his anus Angel in this super-heated scene. The British blonde bombshell is a lusty, busty, fun-loving Lady and a screamer when George fills her anal with hot tube-steak. This is the second of Angel's two massivecore XL Girls scenes. After enjoying them, it came as no surprise to learn that she's been to swing clubs and gotten make love with people watching or that she lost her cherry on the hood of a van when she was a teenager. Angel phones a skin care company because she wants to try some of their products. She asks for a representative to come to her flat. Instead of a saleswoman, George arrives. He's known for serving and satisfying his female clients so if anyone can make a sale, it's him. Either way, he has a lot of cream to give Angel. That will come later after they leave scorch marks on her couch from banging their brains out. Angel is shown how to apply the firming cream, per her request. This turns into a mutual voluminous boob rubbing ceremony. Angel gets turned on by his hands on her nipples and breast flesh. Her soft, voluminous natural tits feel big to squeeze and rub. Pulling her panties to the side, he fingers and eats her out, then fucks her shaved pink pussy. Angel loves gulp massive men off and tit-fucking them. She gives George some of that nice stuff. They resume their shag session and when he eyes her butthole, he decides to fill that, too. This drives Angel over the edge and she goes totally wild. Her eyes roll back, she screams loudly and looks close to panaling out as her anal is pumped. This Angel is one hot-blooded woman, but so proper in that unique British way. The contrast is a turn-on. See More of Angel Sweets at XLGIRLS.COM!

Roxanne Miller, bikini brickhouse
Excerpts from an interview with Romanian brickhouse Roxanne Miller, who's all-natural all the way.

Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the rack?

Roxanne: I order them from the UK. The biggest cup in Romania is the E-cup. And I am spilling out of the GGs I have. I'll get an H on the next order.

When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your tits, or not? What do you wear on a regular day?

Roxanne: Whatever I wear emphasizes my tits. Last time in a pub, I had a see-through blouse with a lascivious pair of leather leggings and army boots. I usually dress like a glam-rock lascivious Lady. Leather jacket, black tight tank-top, short jeans, skinny jeans or short skirt, black pantyhose and boots. And the cleavage is never missing.

What position do you sleep in?

Roxanne: I fall asleep on my belly with the head to the right. It's sooooo comfortable. The rest of the night I don't know what I do! You can cut wood on me and I won't wake up. But if you touch me in-between my legs, I'll take my panties down and practically invite you inside me. I wake up, feel nice and then I sleep even better.

When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit right?

Roxanne: First is the back strap. If it's loose, it won't be okay for the back. If it's too tight, it's not okay, either, cause you need to breathe. Then the cup should contain all the tit without pushing it in and pretending to be a nice size. The tits should stay relaxed in the bra and the middle of the bra should stay on the breastbone. There has been some research that has shown that a bra that's not the right size can cause trauma to the tits.

How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Roxanne: I don't throw them out, I might use them for photo shoots or when I go online. I ruined two bras in six months. I don't wear bras when I am at home.

Or when she's finished taking off her clothes for us. That's just the way we like it.

See More of Roxanne Miller at SCORELAND2.COM!

Nurse Demmy\'s large Power tits Nurses. Angels of mercy. Saviors of the sick. Here at Hooter Hospital, only the finest nurses are chosen. Our standards are high and stiff. That\'s why we need nurses. We played the game of getting to know Demmy. Her goal is to become the best model she can be and she has the ambition, the looks and the tits to do it. : So Demmy, what do you like to do most on a free night Demmy: In my free time, I like to spend the day with a friend or a group of friends. I like to go to some music concerts or just relax in cafes. Also I like cinema and traveling. : When you were shooting in Prague, did you have time to see the city Demmy: Yes, I walked around the city when I arrived from the airport. I think that Prague is a most-amazing city with lovely people. I made selfies until the energy in my phone died. I went into the first shop I saw and asked the woman to call a taxi and she helped me for nothing. Very lovely city with romantic-looking places. : Yes, very storybook buildings. Do you have any girlfriends with voluminous tits like yours Demmy: In Ukraine, many women have voluminous tits and I have some friends with voluminous tits, but not so voluminous like I have. : You are also a bra and lingerie spokesmodel for Brazerie, a lingerie company in Odessa. Tell us about that. Demmy: That was so surprising for me. I went to the Brazerie shop to buy some lovely lingerie for myself. The boss of that shop was there and she was a very communicative Lady. I told her that I have a hobby to make photo shootings and I showed her some of my pics. She asked for my phone number and soon called me for work to model their bras and lingerie. The videos are on Youtube. They are so professional and tell me what my right bra size is and choose for me very comfortable lingerie. Now I only buy lingerie there for my shootings and for gym and swimsuits. : We have seen the Brazerie videos. Very lovely! See More of Demmy Blaze at .COM!

Beck Is Czech For Breasts
P.G. wrote, "Just writing to let you know I have been a SCORE Group fan for many years with XL Girls and Voluptuous. You guys have managed to get so many petite women. But there's one goddess I must mention, and that's the awesome Anna Beck. This Czech beauty has such a good face, heavy anus and especially those huge, pendulous breasts with those blue veins running through them! This Lady could be a legend!"

Thanks, P.G., Anna Beck already is a legend at XL Girls--an active legend--and we hope she keeps us up with her activities for a long time to come.

When Steve needs advice about what tie to wear, he asks Anna Beck, his ever-helpful hotel concierge. This is a heavy idea to get a girl to come close to you without invading her personal space. And when Anna gets close, her super-huge naturals block out everything else in a guy's line of sight.

Anna invites Steve to examine her breasts while she teases him without pity. And then she shows mercy and lets him play with her gifts of nature. It's not a birthday party for this dude, it's even better. It's "Anna's big tits" day. Her nipples and the rest of her lush and plush plumpness could use some manhandling so Anna is game for some tit suckin' and fuckin' and some elegant wood polishing of her clit and pink poonani. She's found the right horndog to spend the morning with.

No matter what Anna Beck does, whether it's breast play, masturbation, showering, full-sex or just walking around Prague jiggling, everything she does freezes us in our tracks. She's so eager to please that she seems like a mirage most of the time. But she is real, incredibly real! See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!

Maggie Doubles Her delight Sex with two virile studs is one of Maggie's fantasies. On this day, Maggie satisfies that craving and our camera was there to get it all. The brunette newcomer may look very girl-next-door but inside her is the personality of a sexual explorer very open to new nasty experiences. Thomas leads Maggie into the living room where Guy is eagerly waiting on the couch for this bra-bustin' beauty's arrival. All three sit on the couch. Thomas and Guy begin their warm-up, feeling her great breasts up and nuzzling her ticklish spots. They pull down Maggie's tank and then her bra so they can lick and kiss her tasty nipples. That sends chills through Maggie. She wants more. Now topless, Maggie's huge boobs charge up her two studs. Maggie takes each man's rod and sucks on one while she strokes the other. This girl enjoys handling massive wood. Thomas leans back so Maggie can swallow him while Guy licks Maggie's charming Lady-hole. Her cunt tongue-whipped and tingling, Maggie wants to get have sexed. She turns around in a doggie position so she can continue to suc Thomas. With her ass at the ready, Maggie is eager for Guy to fill her cunt with a hot beef injection. She wants that dick. Guy begins to have sex Maggie, her meaty ass-cheeks and solid thighs filling his palms. Maggie lifts one leg higher so Guy can hold it up and plow his tool into her snatch even deeper. Their hot threesome will be getting even hotter as the trio try every sex position they can think of! Props to the incredibly excited and stacked Maggie! Behind the girl-next-door is a tool worshipper.See More of Maggie at XLGIRLS.COM!