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Threeway Sexecutive Meeting Dani Moore has a gorgeous body, great tits (38DDDs) and a very hyper-charged sex drive. She was a video virgin before she checked out The Group. A male friend encouraged her to go bare on-camera. Actually, a friend of mine from Florida said to me, 'Hey, you should be a model. Check these guys out.' He sent me a link to the models' website (, so I looked at it. Then I looked at everything else you all do, and I decided to send in my pictures. Then I got a call back from you, so I thought, 'Why not give it a shot' I never thought I would be selected out of who knows how many people who want to be a model. My friend wasn't surprised at all, although he only saw my tits in pictures, so he had an idea of how great I was. Dani and Juan want to get a loan from Tony. He won't do it until Dani whispers in his ear that she'll have sex him. The rules of business change instantly after that concession. Dani brings out the large artillery--her 47-inches of great tits--and the game is on after she fires the first round of blouse-missiles in Tony's face. Juan is behind Dani, Tony is in front as Dani quickly strips off naked to seal the deal and shows them how she excels at deep, messy blowjob jobs. Sometimes when I give blowjob jobs, a lot of guys will be blowjobn away, Dani explained. From what guys have told me, I try not to be a head-sucker because there's more than just the head. There's the rest of it. You've got to get it all. The shaft, the balls, you know. I try to get the whole thing in my mouth. I've even gotten a few marriage proposals because of my blowjob jobs. Dani said this with pride. have sexual intercourse at one side, blow at the other, Dani sexes the two men. It cums naturally to her. The action is non-stop until her two dudes can't hold it back anymore and pop their large nuts in Dani's waiting throat and tongue, feeding her lots of guy-goo. Dani savors it, the mix of skeet and spit dripping out of her mouth and down her chin and neck as the camera moves in to fill the screen. Dani will inspire you to pop too. As a side note, they did get the loan.See More of Dani Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!

The Creampied Lady Executive I really enjoyed helping Johnny find his niche and giving him a little direction, said Jasmine Jones, a married lady from Texas who has a following because of her Texas-sized libido, huge, beautifully-shaped jugs and zest for dick. She is a freak for man-juice too. I have a cumshotshotshot fetish, Jasmine told XL Girls staff. I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me. I have swallowed a few times but really enjoy seeing it all over me. I guess you could say it is a fetish of mine. Jasmine was paired with Johnny who has an equally high zest for breast and will be donating lots of cumshotshotshot to her after they have sucked and have sex on a couch and a desk in her office. Not on her face or on her voluminous boobs this time. This time, the cumshotshotshot is sprayed into her well-have sex pussy-hole for a cream-filling that she'll squeeze out while Johnny watches in salacious delight. You see, Johnny is seeing Mrs. Jones for guidance in his career path. Mrs. Jones wants to help him and she has the right equipment for the task. She'll be getting a grip on Johnny's development. Mrs. Jones has something she wants to get off her chest with Johnny and that's her blouse and bra. She claims that her hooters are 40DD but they look much, much voluminousger than DDs. He goes crazy when he gets his mouth on them. It doesn't take long for Johnny to make the first move and start dick sucking on Mrs. Jones's tasty teats. This is the kind of guidance they both want. She has the tit size to envelope his thick meat and the lips and tongue to delighting it. When it comes to dick worship, Mrs. Jones sits in the lead pew. Work hard, dream voluminous is the sign on Mrs. Jones' office wall. But what she really means is have intercourse hard, cream voluminous. And with a woman like this under you, do all you can do to make it a reality. Johnny does. Because when you meet an executive with boobs this voluminous and an booty this meaty, you've got to make the most of it! See More of Jasmine Jones at XLGIRLS.COM!

The 44KK Sexperience
Minka's personality changed over the years. She became more assertive, more sexually aggressive, more confident of her sex talents and powers. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she thrusts her chest out, those eye-popping boobs straining the straps of her 44KK Sears bra under her tight, red blouse. Minka talks dirtier than she ever did, dropping the F-word liberally, and there's a more sexually assured glint in her eyes now. She's more dominant, less submissive, than she was in the past.

She pulls down Carlos' pants aggressively and she directs him in how he should have sex her huge boobs by sliding his tool under her bra. (This is a great way to keep boobs squeezed together hands-free for boob-sex and gives the tool a tighter passage to slide through.) Her voice has a more demanding, urgent tone and her lips form a snarl as she talks sex. Minka has evolved into a tigress. Or a cougar? Is all that competitive tennis Minka's been playing super-sexing her anatomy and spirit?

Carlos has never have sexed a woman with boobs this big, never met the world's #1 Asian big-boob queen before. Her boobs fascinate him. He finds that Minka's tight, shiny-wet kitty is a pleasurable fit for his pipe and her nipples noticeably lengthen and stiffen when he blowjob them. As soon as Minka gets on top to slide down the pole, she takes delight in riding it nasty and rough. When they've finished screwing, she takes things into her own hands and aggressively jerks his tool off and catches the load on her boobs. Lifting a cum-dipped finger to her mouth, she simply says, "Delicious." This is a newer Minka with the same mind-blowing fantasy anatomy that looks as if it were drawn by famed SCORE artists Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge.
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Roxanne Miller, bikini brickhouse
Excerpts from an interview with Romanian brickhouse Roxanne Miller, who's all-natural all the way.

Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the rack?

Roxanne: I order them from the UK. The biggest cup in Romania is the E-cup. And I am spilling out of the GGs I have. I'll get an H on the next order.

When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your tits, or not? What do you wear on a regular day?

Roxanne: Whatever I wear emphasizes my tits. Last time in a pub, I had a see-through blouse with a lascivious pair of leather leggings and army boots. I usually dress like a glam-rock lascivious lady. Leather jacket, black tight tank-top, short jeans, skinny jeans or short skirt, black pantyhose and boots. And the cleavage is never missing.

What position do you sleep in?

Roxanne: I fall asleep on my belly with the head to the right. It's sooooo comfortable. The rest of the night I don't know what I do! You can cut wood on me and I won't wake up. But if you touch me in-between my legs, I'll take my panties down and practically invite you inside me. I wake up, feel nice and then I sleep even better.

When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit right?

Roxanne: First is the back strap. If it's loose, it won't be okay for the back. If it's too tight, it's not okay, either, cause you need to breathe. Then the cup should contain all the tit without pushing it in and pretending to be a nice size. The tits should stay relaxed in the bra and the middle of the bra should stay on the breastbone. There has been some research that has shown that a bra that's not the right size can cause trauma to the tits.

How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Roxanne: I don't throw them out, I might use them for photo shoots or when I go online. I ruined two bras in six months. I don't wear bras when I am at home.

Or when she's finished taking off her clothes for us. That's just the way we like it.

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Sexy British tits
Bex Shiner is the spokesmodel for the video at that explains to prospective models how to apply to The SCORE Group. She's like our version of a Masterpiece Theater host but with an English accent and large tits. Bex came to Miami in 2013. This little minx only shows her tits on-camera, so we could film her in the States.

The 36G natural blouse-buster became a household name in the UK in 2008 when she was on the TV show Big Brother. Bex got evicted after 51 days, but she got so famous that she couldn't leave her house without facing crowds of people and paparazzi waiting for her.

"I was the loud, silly girl who kind of took over. People were like, 'It's the Becky Shiner Show!' I got that a lot. They thought I was taking over the show. There'd be an hour show and it would be all about me. I was always trying to get people involved."

These days, Bex does a live phone-in show on the Sky Channel and BabeStation. Americans don't have these TV and phone-in channels with hot chicks. Who knows why some enterprising US broadcaster doesn't do one here. Danniella Levy does the same kind of call-in and stroke show for BabeStation. Bex also does live model conventions around England.

Bex knows Cathy Barry and Linsey Dawn McKenzie. But no hardcore porn for her.

"I want to do more reality TV. I'm more about showing my tits than having sex on-camera. It's funny because I was flat-chested until I turned 18 and then I became the largegest-chested of my friends. I have the largegest tits unless I'm hanging out with Cathy and Linsey."
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Her great breasts Open All Doors It's a fact that Summer Sinn's impressive chest can clear a path to her destination. In other words, her great breasts open all doors. Her breasts are her identification. She's welcomed warmly by bouncers, airport security (full anatomy search on aisle 3, please), traffic cops, doormen, headwaiters, cab name 'em. Let's show an example of how Miss Sinn's breasts are her ID in this reenactment. Summer was scheduled for a make love scene. At the front desk, our receptionist asked for her photo identification, which most of you know is a legal requirement in the adult world. Summer didn't have it. She'd forgotten it at her hotel. But no problem. She simply lifted up her blouse, showed her bouncy hooters and the receptionist let her pass. On her way to the studio, Summer stopped a shipping department employee and asked for directions. He needed verification that she was who she said she was and not an imposter. Again, her breasts got her a pass. Once in the studio, another staff member needed her ID guessed it...Summer's breasts were her identification. Finally, Summer met her co-star on the set. Her thrusting jugs served once more as her pass and they got to the tit-make loveing, deep-throating and banging she earned after she was stopped at more checkpoints than in an eastern European police state in 1975. great breasts: better for opening doors than a twenty dollar bill folded in a girl's palm. See More of Summer Sinn at .COM!

How To Make A Model Elle Flynn accepts an invitation from Carlos Rios to check out his photo studio. Elle admires his collection of antique cameras lined-up on the wall. She knows a few things about photography too. Carlos doesn\'t know Elle\'s back-story at or that she became a Love Ranch Girl in Crystal, Nevada. When he saw her 42-inches of all-natural chestmeat, he just knew he needed to capture her on-camera. No doubt he also has a considerable collection of bras his models forgot about. Elle\'s bra might be the greatgest yet! Elle is eager to lower her blouse and get topless and teases Carlos about that while he plays the glamour-erotica photographer card. When Elle shows him her goods which she calls, Helga unt Olga, he changes that card fast. Now eager to shoot his load on her great tits, he totally forgets she\'s here to shoot for him. Elle has an amused look on her face as he snaps away, knowing how this photo session is going to end. Carlos suc her massive nipples, buries his face in her cleavage and runs his hands all over her voluminous love-pillows. Elle kneels to get the balls rolling by suc his cock before they move over to the couch for a bone and moan session. Writes Elle, I like to have sex with new people all the time...with men and with women, as I am very bisexual, and with straight and gay couples. The more variety the better!See More of Elle Flynn at .COM!

Wilder, Nikky, Wilder!
Didn't know Nikky Wilder has seamstress skills too, did ya? Well, the delightfully chubby, charming blonde is a girl of many talents and abilities. She knows everything about football and the Seattle Seahawks and she knows everything about how to take nice care of the boner.

Her customer of the day is Tarzan. He needs some new clothing. Not much is going to get done in that department today. A guy pleaser, Nikky gets exciting measuring men for suits and pants and her to-do list will include this dude.

She stops measuring Tarzan when she gets to his package. There her hand lingers. She rubs the bulge. The sight of Nikki kneeling on the floor, her low-cut blouse revealing huge mounds of breast-flesh, and her charming face, is pure eye-candy for men. She loves dressing like this. This sight prompts Tarzan to reach out and feel those incredible knockers. Now he's hooked on Nikky.

The tailoring ends right there as they move to the couch for a round of have sexual intercourse and sucking. This guy won't be leaving with any new outfits but he will be leaving her shop with a shit-eating grin on his face. As for Nikky, she didn't make the sale but she did get make love well. Our advice? Make the sale first, then have sexual intercourse 'em. "I love to have sexual intercourse," says Nikky. "I think it shows on-camera well." That it does, Nikky. You're tailor-made.
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First XXX
Mya Blair enters an empty shoe store and gives salesman Brick a reason to be happy and grateful. Her big boobs are ready to fall out of her open blouse and as he talks heels, Brick's eyes are pasted to Mya's lush bod. She makes him jittery and that gets Mya hot to fuck him right then and there. Maybe someone will walk in and catch them in the act and that adds to her excitement. That's shoe biz, folks.

Mya clued us in about her XL Girls hardcore debut.

XLGirls: Mya, you looked very comfortable and natural on-camera having sex. Do you watch porn at home, and if you do, what kind do you watch?

Mya: Yes, I watch porn cute often. It all depends on my mood but I love watching scenes that are in public or have the risk of the couple getting caught, also scenes with MILFs teaching a younger couple or my best friend's mom style.

XLGirls: Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques by watching porn?

Mya: Honestly, I learned most of my skills from watching porn. I remember before I gave my first BJ I was really nervous about not knowing what to do, so I watched porn and used what I saw to kinda teach myself. I guess it paid off.

XLGirls: It sure did. Have you gotten ideas for new positions and techniques at XL Girls?

Mya: Most of what I tried while I was filming were positions and techniques I had tried at least once in my personal life.

XLGirls: Do you plan on watching this scene with a friend or by yourself?

Mya: I'm horny about it so I think I'll probably watch it with a friend.

XLGirls: We don't get impressed easily, but we are by you.
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Amber Lynn Bach is the Girl From S.E.X. Amber is an industrial spy. She's gotten a job at a company that has a file her secret handlers want. It's Amber's job to get it without getting nailed. She arranges to meet the boss of the company at his home to go over a presentation but it's really to get access to his computer. The boss is always glad to have a excited employee over to his place. But he's not naive so his home is wired for surveillance. When Amber arrives, she tells the boss she will set up the presentation on his computer but she's really loading up a flash drive that she'll stick in her deep cleavage until she can get away. The best laid plans go bad when the boss confronts Amber. He saw what she did on-camera with the flash drive and grabs her, ripping her blouse off her ample chest and grabbing the drive. There's only one way for Miss Bach to get out of this trap and that's by have sexual intercourse her way out. But the boss has already decided that it's going to happen anyway. Amber drops to her knees and sucks his joint, her expert lips and tongue doing a dance on his dick. The boss roughly escorts her to a nearby couch to have sexual intercourse her hard, not that it will change her spying eyes. It would be no surprise if the boss lets her keep her job anyway considering what a hot lay she is and how well she fills out a bra. Amber was supposed to get the file and not get nailed. She didn't get the file and she got nailed. It's a dirty game.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at .COM!