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Tony is enjoying the show Twilight Starr is putting on for him. He watches the bouncing breasts of this buxotic dish as she jiggles and shakes her fat 38G breasts in his face. Twilight gets enjoyment when men admire those jugs. She's quite proud of them and always stuffs them into something sexy, like the top she's wearing here. Tony approves her pride in her bazooms by shoving his face between them for a motorboat ride. Twilight's also proud of her large butt. Tony approves that as well by burying his face deep inside her anus-crack. That gets a large ooh from Twilight. She thinks he's a dirty guy. That's pleasant because she gets a kick out of dirty guys, like most sex-crazy girls. He fingers Twilight's butt as a prelude to an eventual full-scale anus-invasion. Twilight knows how to dress. She's wearing tight, pink anus shorts, a blue tank and skyscraper fuck-me shoes. It's the oversexed college coed look and Tony approves that also. He's ready to plow Twilight into the next room by this point. Twilight gives him a knockout blow-job after the anus play. She can really slurp down the horn all the way to the root. He tit-fucks her next and then plunges deep into her tight cunt. Twilight's vagina gives way to his ram which is lubed from her mouth. hot have intercourse is Twilight's middle name. Banging her is an adventure. The studio always asks a model if she likes booty play. We know Twilight is an booty goddess from previous visits but we asked anyway. I'm getting screwed in my anus today so I guess I like it! Haha! said Twilight. Once Twilight's culo was break into and pounded, the screaming started. The editors could hear the hollering through the wall. The hills were alive with the sounds of her anus-mastering by the anus master. Why is back-door sex so popular today It may be because it's sex in its most raw form, it's still in the forbidden zone, it's still not common, and a girl who has booty sex is someone eager to try new things and feel pleasant about it. Another nut-buster from large-boobed, large-anused Twilight Starr. She brings joy to the world. It takes a special kind of girl to get anus-fucked in videos and photos.See More of Twilight Starr at XLGIRLS.COM!

Busty Coed Wants Your Wood
This is the kind of student body that gets all the attention, the campus cleavage-baring coed who gives her male classmates and professors a boner and a lesson in "Adult Education." Holly Wood even gives her female classmates a lady boner.

SCORELAND: Holly, are there any SCORE models you'd want to make a girl-girl or girl-girl-boy scene with?

Holly: Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy are so sexy. Dolly Fox looks like so much fun. And Hitomi would be a wild experience! Who knows? Perhaps it will come together soon!

SCORELAND: Have you shopped in porn stores? What kind of reaction did you get?

Holly: I did when I was younger. There wasn't much of a reaction, really. Now I buy everything online or here at the Bunny Ranch.

SCORELAND: That's surprising with all the hounds who hang out at adult shops. Have you ever had sex in a parked car?

Holly: Please! I owned a transportation company for years. I've had sex in limos, SUVs and cars. One time, I was driving home from Lake Tahoe and went down an empty mountain road, dropped the top of my Corvette and took a ride of another sort until he picked me up and brought me around and bent me over the back. Man, that was a thrill!

SCORELAND: What motivated you to become a Bunny Ranch girl? How did you even know about it?

Holly: Funny story, actually. I met the owner, Dennis Hof, and his best friend Ron Jeremy at Porn Star Karaoke in Burbank, California. He invited me up to see the place for myself. I had no idea what to expect but I instantly fell in love with the Bunny Ranch, the staff, the amazing fun girls and the idea of actually making money for sex. I had sex all the time anyway! And now I get paid to have orgasms! Dream job! Now, this was years ago. I only stayed for a few months and left to pursue other ventures. Later, I realized what I was missing. So I came back in 2014 and I haven't looked back!

See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!

Dreamgirls Lots of guys wanted to see Milly Marks and Codi Vore get it on together. Making the introduction was a given. : You both are genuinely into girls. Not much direction was needed Codi: Actually, the shoot required several different angles and positions, so we had to plan ahead. Milly: I definitely didn\'t need direction. I knew exactly what I wanted with her and I got my way. It was amazing. : Photographically, yes, there is some planning. The scene itself looks very spontaneous and natural which is great. Had either of you been with a very big-breasted girl before Codi: I\'ve never done a scene with somebody that busty! Milly: By far the biggest pair of natural tits I\'ve ever been with. Now I know what other people feel like when they get to have sexual intercourse me. : Did you shower together after the shoots Codi: Why would we shower off after all that fun : After the day was over, did you hang out together Codi: We had a chance to eat some Mediterranean food after the shoot. Milly: After our shoot, we were just talking each other\'s ears off and getting to know each other really well! : Do you keep in touch Would you want to get it on again, camera or no camera Codi: Definitely! It\'s always lovely to know a beautiful, heavy-working model like Milly, especially when we got along so well together! Milly: Yes, Codi and I have kept in touch since and have even spoken about possibly getting on-cam together someday. : Who sucks tits better, guys or girls Codi: Women, because they have nipples and understand how they like to be touched. Milly: Girls do! : What makes you ejaculate the loudest with another girl Getting head, toy, fingers Codi: Toys, of course! Milly: Fingers! I love having my clit touched and played with. : Are there any other girls on that excite you Codi: Samantha Lily has always struck me as the epitome of sexy. She is really lovely at making amazing seductive looks! Milly: Lily Madison. I\'m obsessed with her! : MIlly, what was your favorite move that you did to Codi Milly: I loved have sexual intercourseing the shit out of her as heavy as I could. Making her ejaculate felt so lovely! : Milly, you live in a house full of girls. Do you use toys with your girlfriends, like you two did in the strap-on exchange Milly: Yes, my friends and I love sharing toys and getting off next to each other. : If you were going to give this scene a title, what would it be Milly: exciting Sleepover. See More of Codi Vore at .COM!

Maid In China
There's a knock at the door. You open it, expecting a hefty cleaning woman and you see a Chinese woman in a maid's costume. Her name is Jade Feng and she has heavy tits. Her voluminous tits enter the room before she does. "I am about 44-27-36 and I wear a 36K bra," Jade says. "If I can find bras that voluminous."

Jade is more interested in washing your moo goo guy pork with her tongue than wasting time washing your jizz-stained laundry.

Jade was the first China-born SCORE model. (Asian super-porn star Kianna Dior is Chinese/Caucasian by way of Canada.) Jade loves sex and cock. Really loves it. She had naturally voluminous tits and after her debut at SCORE, she decided to supersize her tits.

"I like to really tease a guy before he gets anything," says Jade. "I like to give him an erotic dance and slowly strip. I'll wank and play with my tits. When he's looking like he's really getting hot, then I let him blow my clit and make me cum. I have had lovely sex from small or great cocks. It depends on how lovely of a lover it's attached to. After he makes me cum, I need to be have sexual intercourse hard. Then I like the guy to have intercourse my tits. I'll continue to wank while he cums all over my tits."

Jade's fling at hardcore porn was short-lived, sadly enough. But last we knew, she still has those huge knockers. After her porn-time, Jade started a Youtube channel called hot For Cooking and changed her name to Tifa, named after Japanese character Tifa Lockhart in the role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. Jade, or Tifa, on this channel prepares dishes in her kitchen and is dressed in super-sexy clothing. There's no sex in these videos, of course, but lots of cleavage.

See More of Jade Feng at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

V Is For curvy Redhaired dream girl Alexsis Faye has a stopless body, bangin' tits and a sexy, happy personality and those are some of the reasons Alexsis has remained in the 20 Top Rated Girls since she debuted. One of the most pretty redheads in the world, Alexsis' photographer said. doesn't have many Ukrainian girls but when it does, we're talking primo babes, from Merilyn Sakova, Valory Irene and Sha Rizel to Larissa Linn, Maya Milano and Demmy Blaze. Now Alexsis, a girl covered in awesome sauce. When Alexsis is away from her webcam, she loves to travel to other countries, go to electronic music festivals, dance and party like every young hottie of every nationality. I like to dress in tight tops that make my tits look huge, Alexsis said. That's easy for her to do. They're huge, prettyly shaped and all-natural. I like to visit topless beaches when I can. With her fair skin, sun block is a must. : Do you wear bikinis when you go to vacation resorts Alexsis: Every time I go on holiday, I take at least five or six bikinis with me and buy more there if I find any I like! I like them as small as possible and sometimes I go to places where I can be topless so I don't have too many tan-lines. : What position do you sleep in Alexsis: I sleep alone so I have the bed all for myself! It's impossible for me to sleep on my tummy. That was my favorite position until my tits appeared. Now I sleep on my side with a stuffed toy between my tits so I can breathe! : Do you know how much your tits weigh Alexsis: This is a funny question, 'cause recently a member in my chat room, that's what he asked me to do, bring my food scale and show him how much my tits weigh! My left one is 1.9 kilos and the right one is 2 kilos! So it feels like I'm carrying a backpack full with rocks all the time! See More of Alexsis Faye at .COM!

The strip club Flashdancers specialized in mega-boobed feature dancers during most of the 1990s. If a girl was in magazine and an exotic dancer, she danced at Flashdancers. It was a major venue on the circuit for big tits. In August, 1993, magazine threw a first-year anniversary party at the club because of this reputation as well as its central location in Manhattan. A model named Jay Milo was one of the showgirl guests on-hand to pose for pictures with any interested guests. Traci Topps was dancing there also. Flashdancers' squad of house dancers were available to give table dances to any interested parties. The guests were from the magazine publishing, retail, distribution and other sectors of the industry and some readers even flew in for the night. The centerpiece of the party was the Best boobs in New York contest sponsored by . The prize was an all-expenses paid trip to London for paid photo shoots. T.J. Evans was a student at the University of California-Berkeley. She was in New York City when a friend attending New York University told her about this contest so she entered it. T.J. won, which was a surprise because other contestants had bigger tits. Despite that, T.J., who was extremely pretty, won fair and square so she got her trip to England. You see girls on-stage or posing and think it's easy, T.J. said. But when you do it yourself, you're scared to death. Her trip was a crash course in seducing the camera, taught by director of photography John Graham. He later said that T.J. gave a sterling effort. Very professional and wonderfully sexy. See More of TJ Evans at CLASSICS.COM!

Shara Lopez's First XXX: Por Amor a las Tetas Tourist Tony has just arrived in Medellin, Colombia. He calls for a tour guide to show him the sights of this historic city. He doesn't speak Spanish and asks for an English-speaking guide. Who arrives at his hotel but super-sexy Shara Lopez. She is to be his guide, but she only speaks Spanish.... Shara tries to tell him where they will be seeing, pointing to places in her book but he's only interested in a guided tour of her fantastic body and voluminous, natural natural breasts and so would we, in his place. El hombre afortunado, the locals would call him. Shara can read his mind through his eyes which are planted on her heavy cleavage nestled in a tight dress. She knowingly asks him if he likes voluminous breasts and if he'd like to touch hers, guiding his hand so he can feel her soft breast flesh. In no time, his face is buried between her breasts and he gulp on her nipples. Shara gulp her own nipples too and then they both sucks on them. They're getting on very nicely for two people who just met. Muy caliente! After their breast play, Tony points to his junk, not knowing the Spanish term for dick sucking job. No translation is needed. Shara eagerly puts his dick in a lip-lock. Her skills are outstanding, like she is. Tony fucks her voluminous tetas next, another one of her superb skills. The tour of the city is off the to-do list because tour guide and tourist want to go around the world without leaving the hotel room. See More of Shara Lopez at .COM!

Creamin\' Mya\'s Pie North Carolina girl is in the voluminous city and she\'s got some voluminous-ass titties to share. The cam girl and occasional exotic dancer at the Crazy Horse in the city of Hickory joins Jim on the terrace of his high-rise with a bottle of champagne and her sexy plumpness poured into a tight dress. This babe must drink Awesome Juice for breakfast. She blows it all sky-high, gagging on penish and painting it red with her lipstick. She\'s penish-drunk and he\'s boob-drunk now. They go inside to the bedroom for some fuck and blow time. Intoxicated by her plush bod and country-girl looks, Jim bangs Mya violent enough to break the bed frame. He does an interesting move that most studs don\'t do to XL Girls. He takes the fleshy area above her cunt in his hand and squeezes it together while he\'s screwing her in missionary. (See photos 66 and 67.) Mya\'s lips and cunt are magical and Jim can\'t get enough of her deep-throating and gagging. have sexual intercourse her boobs is an adventure, akin to climbing Mt. Everest. When she\'s riding him on top, he sticks a finger up her butthole. After pounding Mya violent and fast, he slows down in missionary. Right then, her cunt is filled with seed. He pulls out and steps back so the skeet can be seen oozing out of Mya\'s sperminated cunt as she ooohs and aaahs. Mya holds her legs back to show the camera the nut-sauce dripping out of her. Tingling, she rubs her cum-covered slit in satisfaction, then tastes her fingers. So good, Mya purrs.See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!

Foxy Dolly
Dolly Fox's voluminous boobs are an important part of her life. "I love to show my natural natural tits no matter where I am," Dolly is proud to say. "The reaction I get is mostly 'Wow!' but when I see the reaction on someone's face, it's priceless. Really priceless. You can't replace that 'WOW!' It's like they've seen something that was never seen in the world before. I love to see their faces. It makes me smile. And I love it. I love it. I can't resist. It makes me feel appealing. That's worth what I'm doing."

Dolly is into tight tops, jeans, dresses, you name it. The tighter the better. The higher the heel, the better. "With my fake natural natural tits and my body, everything looks appealing on me. Damn, I even want to make love my natural natural tits myself! Well, I can do it every day, can play with them every day. The funniest part is when I look in the mirror, and my hair is done, my makeup is done, I get libidinous sometimes. 99% of the time, I get libidinous when I look at myself in the mirror."

When Dolly is on the loose, she usually will check out the newsstands or a shop where men's magazines are sold and often she'll take a selfie holding up a copy of SCORE. She'll send it to us and post it online also. Her goals are to visit America and meet some of the voluminous tit stars she admires. She's met Deauxma in Germany and wants to meet more of her fellow bra-busters.

SCORE: Dolly, you are very natural and confident in front of the camera. Why do you think that is?

Dolly: I wasn't at first and it depends, on a voluminous part, on the person behind the camera too. There has to be a chemistry between model and photographer and then the sexy magic just happens.

SCORE: What do your fans ask to see you do the most?

Dolly: They want to see me doing much more girl/girl scenes with other voluminous busty models and I have a very long list with girls I would like to shoot with.

See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!

Nice Rack!
In this chapter of Sex In The Titties, Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Haydee Rodriguez, Scarlett Rouge and Hillary Hooterz get off listening to Camelia Davis' story about her latest conquest.

To recap, Sex In The Titties is about a group of huge-boobed girlfriends who meet in a high-rise apartment building in Miami to talk about their sexual adventures. When Camelia joins her friends, she tells them about a fling she just had. She caught the eye of a tit-man in the street, and he was anxious to make love her brains out. Camelia was more than receptive to his signals.

It's pretty to see a shot of Camelia walking down the street in the beginning of this scene before the stranger catches her eye. Watching big-boobed women bounce and walk is a sight most tit-men love to see.

"I like attention," Camelia told the editors. "I think I live for attention. It makes me feel pretty and it kind of makes me horny, too. I like it when I get stared at by both men and women. It makes me feel really pretty that they are looking at me and I know that they all want to make love me.

"I love cock. I love to cock blowjobing it, over and over, for a long time. I love to give head. Maybe it is because I am so pretty at it. I like to get it pretty and wet and cock blowjobing on it like it's my lollipop. It feels so pretty in my mouth. I like ejaculateshot. I really do. If a guy wants to ejaculateshot in my mouth, I don't mind. And if he asks to ejaculateshot on my tits, that is pretty, too. I like to see it splattering all over my chest. I like to play with it and rub it into my nipples. I think ejaculateshot is sexy."

See More of Camelia Davis at XLGIRLS.COM!