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The Night before...
'Twas the night before Christmas, when Santa called me for help It seems he'd had a problem, he was short just one elf; How could I not, I thought to myself

I grabbed my red stockings-hung by the chimney with care, And slipped into my bra Knowing he soon would be there

Children were nestled all snug in their beds, While people cybered online, giving and getting head; I slipped on my heels, and my fuzzy red hat, And imagined the sleigh-ride, seated on Santa's lap,

Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. I tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. And my bra popped open! I unknowingly flashed- The policeman and Santa (who was asking directions) But then they both spotted me, and sported erections

The swell of my boobs through the open window Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a miniature sleigh, and eight excited reindeer,

The cute, bearded driver, so lively and quick, Jumped into the seat, and adjusted his dick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And embarrassed he was, when he called them by name;

"Now, FLASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and TEASIN'! On, HOOTERS! on KNOCKERS! on, D-CUP and VIXEN! To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall! Now clean yourselves up, and dash away all!"

Up to my window the sleigh swifty flew, And as I climbed in, Santa felt up a boob!, He laughed as I giggled and sat down in his lap, And when something arose, I gave it a slap, And told him, "Now Santa, there's work left to do," And off we flew with the toys, and St. Nicholas too.

We stopped at the first house and I went down first, And snatched the hot cocoa left to quench Santa's thirst. As I drew in my hand, and was turning around, Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his foot to his head, And the tent-pole he sported, it turned his face red; And his bulge looked quite hefty, he certainly didn't lack Balls that were big enough to fill up his sack.

His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! He asked if I remembered how I'd lost my cherry! He knew all about it, (because of that list) Of who's been naughty and nice, who's have sex and who's kissed

I told him, "Now Santa, you know that's not fair, To watch a girl have sex, when you're not even there!" I bent down by the tree to start placing gifts, When Santa grabbed my butt, and gave it a lift,

He had a broad face and a little round belly, And his hands grabbed my boobs-they shook just like jelly. He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, And I gasped when his pants dropped, in spite of myself; A wink of his eye, one fist round his cockhead, Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, And slipped off my stockings; then began with a jerk, He took his attracting time, though the clocks kept on humming, And then with a shudder we both began cumming;

We sprang to his sleigh, before anybody awoke, And went on to the next home while he copped a smoke, Spurred on by the quickie with his volunteer elf, Santa remained his Jolly Old self, So we worked the long hours, delivering toys, To all of the pretty little girls and boys, And when we were done with our chores for the night, Santa parked the sleigh and stayed for the night,

So to all of my friends, who visit my site,

Chloe"s Medieval Fantasies
Guest commentary by essayist and noted film critic, Stefano P. Morrocchi) This week"s pictorial, though certainly not as long as the average ChloeWorld photo set, has a bizarre force that needs less pictures to tell its story. Any one of the photos here could have been a poster for an Italian Gothic horror movie from the 1960s. Does anyone remember the British actress Barbara Steele from such crepuscular films as Nightmare Castle (1965)? Or the lascivious films of Spanish horror king, Paul Naschy, such as El Espanto Surge de la Tumba (Horror Rises From The Tomb-1972)? There is unintentional homage to the lurid covers of horror comics like Creepy, and of the paperback thriller novels of Italy known as "gialli" with its scantily clad damsels-in-distress. In this splendid pictorial, the themes of male domination, female subjugation, phallus worship and subservience run riot in as stark a setting as possible. Chloe"s metallic mesh mini-dress is an eye-opening costume as it form-fits to her lush, appealing curves, the spaces between the metal chain allowing those magnificent brown nipples to poke through. The leash of servility leading to the suit of armor and her binding wrist bands completes the effect of surrealistic moodiness. Chloe is quite a fine actress as this buxom chained maiden enthralled to the sinister "Knight." But where? In some rank dungeon or tortured chamber of a forbiddingly dark castle of the middle ages, where appealing busty slave girls are held captive by horrible villains? One can only fantasize what Chloe would have been like as an actress-heroine in those older Gothic supernatural films. These images were photographed at the studio of an artist/photographer friend of SCORE lensman Peter Wall. It was also the same studio in which Chloe was body painted for the pictorial called Air Brush. The suit of armor is an authentic piece, part of the artist"s personal collection, not a modern-day copy. Peter and Chloe saw the "Knight" and thought that it would lend an otherworldly air to an unusual series of photographs, possibly Chloe"s most darkly forbidden pictorial ever.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

Tony is enjoying the show Twilight Starr is putting on for him. He watches the bouncing breasts of this buxotic dish as she jiggles and shakes her fat 38G breasts in his face. Twilight gets enjoyment when men admire those jugs. She's quite proud of them and always stuffs them into something sexy, like the top she's wearing here. Tony approves her pride in her bazooms by shoving his face between them for a motorboat ride. Twilight's also proud of her large butt. Tony approves that as well by burying his face deep inside her anus-crack. That gets a large ooh from Twilight. She thinks he's a dirty guy. That's pleasant because she gets a kick out of dirty guys, like most sex-crazy girls. He fingers Twilight's butt as a prelude to an eventual full-scale anus-invasion. Twilight knows how to dress. She's wearing tight, pink anus shorts, a blue tank and skyscraper fuck-me shoes. It's the oversexed college coed look and Tony approves that also. He's ready to plow Twilight into the next room by this point. Twilight gives him a knockout blow-job after the anus play. She can really slurp down the horn all the way to the root. He tit-fucks her next and then plunges deep into her tight cunt. Twilight's vagina gives way to his ram which is lubed from her mouth. Hot have intercourse is Twilight's middle name. Banging her is an adventure. The studio always asks a model if she likes booty play. We know Twilight is an booty goddess from previous visits but we asked anyway. I'm getting screwed in my anus today so I guess I like it! Haha! said Twilight. Once Twilight's culo was break into and pounded, the screaming started. The editors could hear the hollering through the wall. The hills were alive with the sounds of her anus-mastering by the anus master. Why is back-door sex so popular today It may be because it's sex in its most raw form, it's still in the forbidden zone, it's still not common, and a girl who has booty sex is someone eager to try new things and feel pleasant about it. Another nut-buster from large-boobed, large-anused Twilight Starr. She brings joy to the world. It takes a special kind of girl to get anus-fucked in videos and photos.See More of Twilight Starr at XLgirls.COM!

Desk sex with the big-titted supervisor
When it comes to fantasy story themes, the curvy boss fuck her job applicants is one we don't do a lot of. Karen Fisher was a great choice for this. She's a big, strapping blonde bombshell of a woman who does the mature fuck-whore to perfection.

Karen started shooting for SCORE in 2002 and she's still at it. It's not a job for her; it's a lifestyle. Dave gave her the Fisher name. She was simply Karen at first. Sometimes Karen reminds me of another strapping blonde, Kimberly Kupps, who shot for SCORE in the early '90s.

In this interview, Karen is checking out The Champ, who's applying for the position of truck man. Karen has to make sure he's qualified to perform the numerous positions she requires, so she tests him out on her desk.

Before Karen came to SCORE on the advice of now-retired Corina Curves, she was a dancer, a bartender and a waitress. She got a nursing degree but never worked as a nurse. On the subject of nursing, Karen used to lactate for guys as a kinky sideline. I guess wet nurse is the term. She described what it was like hooking up with strangers with lactation fantasies that started at $250 an hour.

"A lot of people have specific fantasies they want fulfilled. Some people want me to baby them and treat them like I'm their mother. I'll hold them on my lap and rock them, stroke their hair, squirt milk on them. Stuff like that. I had a guy who wanted me to put diapers on him. Another guy liked to milk me and watch me milk myself. He was weird. He wanted me to say 'Moo' and get on all fours. It was like he wanted me to be a cow or something. He wanted to milk me, but I wouldn't let him. There's some contact, but it has to be legal so there's not much."

Even with a heavy number of sex scenes since, Karen's never done a gang bang, as far as I know. She started doing interracial a few years ago. She's never done bum scenes on-camera because she says it hurts. She's had bum sex with her now ex-husband but said she was usually drunk at the time.

My favorite Karen moments are a threesome she did with Kelly Christiansen because they physically complemented each other perfectly (they were both in SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011) and the time she was filmed in an interview while she and Dave watched a porn scene she had done in a tub. Her reactions were priceless. We should do more videos of girls talking about their scenes while they watch them on TV.
See More of Karen Fisher at SCORELAND2.COM!

Miss Gina George, she of the 34HH breasts and hourglass rack, requests the delighting of your company to witness her naughty, cum-drenched threesome with two boob-happy, hung studs. Miss George will be double-teamed from both sides, with penish in her mouth and penish in her cunt at all times. This will sadly make it difficult for Gina to shout out filthy, rude comments but this is one of those times that such sacrifices are required. An all-around randy lady with mammoth mams from the Borough of Swindon in southern England, Gina's lascivious nature drew her to hot modeling, from solos with cunt toys to fucking, and she tells us that she enjoys everything she does. She says a elegant-on is the highest compliment she can get from a man. When XL girls offered her a place of honor, and some healthy, elegant men to play with, she accepted. Gina comes by Tom's place to massage him but he'd rather massage her considerable boobs with his tongue and hands. To sink his fingers into that soft tit-flesh is joy and Gina feels the same way. Meanwhile, his buddy Jay is napping on the couch. Jay awakens when he hears the unmistakable sounds of someone give suck a penish. Gina is reclining on the couch over Tom and slurping on his considerable banger, the saliva dripping out of her mouth. Tom is tripping out as Gina gives him the Gina George special blowjob job. Jay comes over, and even though he has no invitation, he decides to join the duo and make it a raunchy three-way afternoon. Why do English women seem raunchier than Americans when they do porn Gina has no objection to a second elegant penish to play with. In fact, she's gagging for it. Gina takes matters into her own hands and begins give suck them both. Who will roger Gina first Since Tom found Gina, he should have first dibs on who gets to bone her first. Jay's turn will come next. Tom sinks his shaft into Gina's warm and wet muff, Jay feeds Gina sausage and the fun escalates. Look for a reverse tit-fuck that Gina gets from Tom. This way he can screw her breasts while she licks his nuts hanging over her face. See More of Gina George at XLgirls.COM!

Back To The Office
Looking for a new job? Miss Desirae will see you now. She's read your resume. Best be on your finest behavior. At least for 20 minutes. Shoes shined. Showered and deodorized. New white shirt, laundered tie. If you get the job, you get to bump into Miss Desirae several times a day in the building and sniff her scent in the air as you pass by her private office. Who could pass that up? The position only pays $2. an hour, but think of the side benefits.

Dear Desirae,

Every inch of you is perfect. The guys who have sexual intercourse you in your two videos are the luckiest have sexual intercourses in the world. Their cocks weren't big. My cock is much bigger. I'd love to have sexual intercourse you day and night, and cumshot deep inside you. I'm not trying to be a jerk or insult you. I just really have the hots for you. Thanks for a top level web site. I jerk off every night to one of your photos. I have a ten inch cock.-Roy.

Hi Des...just a few thoughts,

As a long time member of your web site, I feel that I'm one of your first members. Also, anything that I say that sounds like a "pun" is not on purpose! My first thought is that you photograph beautifully when it's just you and the photographer. Whenever the other SCORE girls are "jumping around you" in group shots, you're uncomfortable with it. I just can tell. It's obvious when it's you and the camera. You relax, you don't feel the need to pucker your lips, and do all the cliches. I just checked the Hawaiian session, and found myself fascinated with your face in unique and different angles. I've mentioned before that your face is incapable of a bad photo. It's just magnificent! Next subject: listen to KIND OF BLUE by Miles Davis. Of course, it was recorded before you were born,1968, but it is the best "straight ahead" small group recording ever made. Pay particular attention to the track "All Blues." Virtually every jazz musician plays this tune. I think I must have 10/12 versions. Impress your friends by saying "did you know it's in 3/4 time?" Blues are always in 4/4 time. Anyway, enough for now. I've seen you top to bottom, so future emails will address other subjects: your magnificent face, poses, whatever.-Bill. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!

Black Hunter, Pale Redhead XL girls do not cumshotshot any nastier than Sonja Haze, who jumps on the black penish and bounces on it to her heart's content. No one has a dirtier mouth, mind and vocabulary than Sonja, a girl not content to lay back silently and get drilled. See how wet you make that cunt Sonja asks her make love friend Asante, a man who sincerely appreciates a meaty butthole and huge tits. They have never met before but Sonja likes to make new bang buddies. She's very sociable that way. I once met a guy at a costume party wearing a kilt, Sonja reminisced. I dragged him into a room and blew him and let him cumshotshot all over my tits. Asante left his kilt at home but he did bring his bagpipe for Sonja to practice on, which she happily does. I want you to make love the shit out of me. I want you to make love me like a dirty, make loveing whore, Sonja said as Asante fingered her nipples and cunt. She's a very sensitive young lady and wets-up easily, especially from experienced fingers. Sonja dives down head-first on his lap. It's mouth worship time and his rod is ruler. Get that big penish out so I can blow on it, she pleads. Let me get that shit. This is just a warm-up for this feisty, hyper-horny redhead. She instinctively places her tits on his thigh like it's a boob shelf while she lustily blows him to rock-hardness, the saliva drooling out of her mouth, cheeks bulging. What a penish blower. Sonja really loves being throat-make loveed. The room is filled with the wet sounds of gurgling and slurping sounds as Sonja goes crazy-wild on the man-pole. That slutty cunt is made for your penish, baby, Sonja says as Asante lays down the pipe. When it comes to slutty blowing and make loveing, Sonja Haze is right up there at the top and must be seen to be believed. See More of Sonja Haze at XLgirls.COM!

Busty Coed Wants Your Wood
This is the kind of student body that gets all the attention, the campus cleavage-baring coed who gives her male classmates and professors a boner and a lesson in "Adult Education." Holly Wood even gives her female classmates a lady boner.

SCORELAND: Holly, are there any SCORE models you'd want to make a girl-girl or girl-girl-boy scene with?

Holly: Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy are so sexy. Dolly Fox looks like so much fun. And Hitomi would be a wild experience! Who knows? Perhaps it will come together soon!

SCORELAND: Have you shopped in porn stores? What kind of reaction did you get?

Holly: I did when I was younger. There wasn't much of a reaction, really. Now I buy everything online or here at the Bunny Ranch.

SCORELAND: That's surprising with all the hounds who hang out at adult shops. Have you ever had sex in a parked car?

Holly: Please! I owned a transportation company for years. I've had sex in limos, SUVs and cars. One time, I was driving home from Lake Tahoe and went down an empty mountain road, dropped the top of my Corvette and took a ride of another sort until he picked me up and brought me around and bent me over the back. Man, that was a thrill!

SCORELAND: What motivated you to become a Bunny Ranch girl? How did you even know about it?

Holly: Funny story, actually. I met the owner, Dennis Hof, and his best friend Ron Jeremy at Porn Star Karaoke in Burbank, California. He invited me up to see the place for myself. I had no idea what to expect but I instantly fell in love with the Bunny Ranch, the staff, the amazing fun girls and the idea of actually making money for sex. I had sex all the time anyway! And now I get paid to have orgasms! Dream job! Now, this was years ago. I only stayed for a few months and left to pursue other ventures. Later, I realized what I was missing. So I came back in 2014 and I haven't looked back!

See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!

Boob Science Fast Bangs
Eva Notty is a hairstylist with a lot of style and a chestful of big, appealing tits in Boob Science Fast Bangs. Mandy (Daphne Rosen) has brought her two geeks, Dexter and Sheldon, to the Fast Bangs salon for a cut n' blow. And she's not kidding around! The two nerds need all the help they can get hooking up with the ladies, a situation that Mandy wants to correct. She has the salon girls take Dexter away for a sprucing and introduces Sheldon to the appealing girl known as sex on heels at Fast Bangs, the pretty and stacked Eva Notty. Eva eyes the nervous nerd up and down hungrily. "Now, this is my newest project, Sheldon," Mandy informs Eva as Sheldon awaits his fate in the chair. "He, ah, needs a little style to help him with the ladies." That Mandy. Always thinking of others. "I'll give him a little trim, a little blow," Eva promises in a sultry voice that can melt titanium. "Um, I'd like a little trim here, and here," Sheldon says. "I'll give you a trim, if you give me a facial later," Eva says knowingly, pulling his head into her cleavage. She pulls each pointy breast out of her halter top and sticks them in his face. Sheldon begins give suck on each nipple, savoring the taste as Eva extracts his heavy dick out of his boxers. She kneels before him and begins to tit-fuck him inside her deep cleavage. Miss Notty suc and jacks his shaft, licking his balls at the same time. Then she leads him by the dick to a nearby couch so they can really get rolling. The salon might be called Fast Bangs but there's nothing fast about Eva's treatment. Eva will make a man out of Sheldon before their session is up! This scene is from the SCORE DVD Boob Science, a two-disc set starring Daphne Rosen, Eva Notty, Maggie Green, Aileen Ghettman, Contessa Rose and Angel Gee.

See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!

XLgirls: Are there any models at XL girls that you would like to meet one day Mia: Oh my God, I would love to meet all of them. They are all so nice but if I would have to choose few, I would love to meet Maria Moore, Lexxxi Luxe Anorei Collins and Arianna Sinn. XLgirls: What clothing do you think you look sexiest in Mia: To be honest, I would go for a tight T-shirt and some tight jeans that would show my best assets. XLgirls: When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit right Mia: I once told an ex that if he wants to buy me a bra he should put it on his head. If it fits then it will fit my boobs! I usually go for one brand in my country and I know the exact size but I do always try them on in the shop just to make sure they are okay. XLgirls: How long does a bra last you Mia: They last for a lovely amount of time because the brand I buy makes really strong bras for big boobs, thank god for that. XLgirls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked Mia: In my house, I am almost all the time naked. I think my neighbors see me naked through the windows a lot. That's why they always give me a cheeky smile when they see me on the street! XLgirls: What do you wear when you go to sleep Mia: A pair of socks. I sleep naked but have to have socks on. I know. I'm weird. Laughs XLgirls: Rate your sex drive from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Mia: Well, I would say it's an 8. XLgirls: What do you like to do most on a free night Mia: I love to be home and just enjoy a quiet evening in front of the TV. I stay on cam eight hours a day so when I get home it's relaxing time on the couch. XLgirls: Do you have any favorite TV shows Mia: Oh, there are so many. I'm such a couch potato. I love The Walking Dead and I have a new personal favorite, Sheldon. It's just so funny. XLgirls: At home, do you watch adult videos Mia: I do sometimes, yeah. My favorites are still amateur porn. Don't ask why because I won't know how to answer that. XLgirls: What are the negatives about webcamming, if I may ask Mia: There are too many out there stealing content and recording live chats when I'm online. Every day I find two-to-three videos that I report. When I first found a video with me on a free porn site, I started crying. I couldn't understand why someone would do that. What do they have to gain from that I will never understand. There are too many lovely things about webcamming and that's why I won't stop doing it. XLgirls : I'm happy to know that. See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLgirls.COM!