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Felicia Clover's anus scene is all about her analy. Not her tits this time. Not her hot lips. It's all about her fantastic analy, ripe and ready for the cock. Oh, yeah, all about it, says Felicia with a coy smile. He has an awesome cock, says Felicia about her analy call and regular Carlos. Inside the dressing room, Felicia describes in detail how she likes her analy man-handled. Please have the lube on. Fingering is good, then slowly build up to two fingers, then three, then he can put his cock in me. All the way in. The road to Felicia's analy begins with her analy poured into tight white shorts, her voluminous natural tits covered by a flimsy top. But, yes, we'll say it again, this event is all about Felicia's analy. You know, a guy called me a 'Whooty' and I had to Google it and it means 'a white girl with a voluminous analy.' So, I guess I am a Whooty, said Felicia, whose fine trunk is packed with plenty of lustful junk. If ever there was an analy for banging, that analy belongs to Felicia Clover. See More of Felicia Clover at .COM!

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