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Daylene Rio. Touch her and you may burn your fingers. She is that hot, red-hot, or rather pink here. That metallic-pink mini-skirt Daylene has chosen to parade around in would be the envy of any self-respecting street hustler in the industrial part of the city. You could see it from a mile away! So much the better for the streetcorner jizz bizz. Of course, Daylene, with her nice curves and horny demeanor, blows away any real curbside service agent. No wonder that this monger is anxious to drop his money where he'll drop his load. Daylene is just too hot to pass up and it is payday. The rent and car note can wait another month. She's too lovely to drive by! Some things in life take priority. Busting a nut on her horny great jugs ejaculates first. Call it a case of impulse buying. Miss Rio is worth it. Would you rather carry a debt load or carry swollen balls That's what we thought. pink cunt and great breasts always ejaculate first on the to-do list, boob brothers. Especially when those body parts belong to the super-sex star Daylene Rio. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

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