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Sammie's island hideaway So many pictures, both pictorials and candids, were shot during Boob Cruise 1998 that it was impossible to publish them all in the special Boob Cruise '98 double issue (November 1998 cover date). This series of Sammie on the beach never made it into that edition. A selection was later published four years later in a spin-off magazine called Mamazon ( Special #71). If anyone could be called a Mamazon (implying huge-breasted naturals), Sammie was the one. Sammie was an anatomical wonder. Given the size and weight of her breasts, one would think that she would be thick all over but in fact, she was slim-waisted and had shapely legs with slim calves and ankles. The only considerable part of her body were her tits. She is one of the early members of the 20 Club, meaning that her boob measurement is 20 inches or more larger than her waist. In Sammie's case, the difference was 22 inches. Sammie's time as a model was very short. No one has heard from her since she retired but this is very common. Once a model stops posing, she seems to cut all ties with her past activities and keeps to a private life. See More of Sammie Black at CLASSICS.COM!

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