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Kitty savored her days And nights In The caribbean Kitty's a real mama's girl, one of the photographers said when he returned from his week at the North Coast. Kitty was on her phone with mama back home in Romania the whole time. Like I said, she's a real mama's girl. You don't see that with the American girls. This girl is a walking pin-up model. Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture and she'd get into these pin-up poses. She had the time of her life. She was so proud to be with us in the Dominican Republic and spend time with some of the girls she'd admired at . See More of Kitty lovely at .COM!

Korina kova: fully loaded From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, Korina kova fits the definition of a fantasy superwoman. She has the beauty, the boobs, the booty. She's fully loaded. It would be no surprise if a robotics company produced a robot in her image. : When did you first start to develop Korina: Well, it's a bit of a sob story for me. My teacher pulled me aside in grade six, so very young, and told me I had to start wearing a bra. I was the first one to have to wear a bra, and that was devastating for me because I always got teased. : You're in big shape. Do you workout Korina: Tomorrow, tomorrow is my motto. I have a guilty habit of setting that goal for myself, and I do not complete it. : Do you play sports Korina: That's not me! Nope, never! : What do you like to do in your spare time Korina: I don't get much spare time these days, but I love animals. My passion is helping and rescuing animals. See More of Korina kova at .COM!

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami Chavon Taylor is a exciting and big-chested scientist. She's researching bio-erotic drugs that will get humans super-horny and make them more attractive to the opposite sex. Dr. Taylor decides to test her latest formula on the delivery man who never pays any attention to her or her big tits. He gulps down the stuff and immediately gets cruel for the shapely boobologist. No lab equipment was wrecked as they have intercourse their brains out. Why a girl who looks like Chavon and has an incredible rack is making this drug seems strange. But, as she explains it, I'm making this formula for girls who are not blessed by nature with lovely looks or a exciting body. A lot of average or below-average women need sex too! We appreciate her empathy but who cares about them See More of Chavon Taylor at .COM!

Black Hunter, Pale Redhead XL Girls do not cumshotshot any nastier than Sonja Haze, who jumps on the black penish and bounces on it to her heart's content. No one has a dirtier mouth, mind and vocabulary than Sonja, a girl not content to lay back silently and get drilled. See how wet you make that cunt Sonja asks her make love friend Asante, a man who sincerely appreciates a meaty butthole and huge tits. They have never met before but Sonja likes to make new bang buddies. She's very sociable that way. I once met a guy at a costume party wearing a kilt, Sonja reminisced. I dragged him into a room and blew him and let him cumshotshot all over my tits. Asante left his kilt at home but he did bring his bagpipe for Sonja to practice on, which she happily does. I want you to make love the shit out of me. I want you to make love me like a dirty, make loveing whore, Sonja said as Asante fingered her nipples and cunt. She's a very sensitive young lady and wets-up easily, especially from experienced fingers. Sonja dives down head-first on his lap. It's mouth worship time and his rod is ruler. Get that big penish out so I can blow on it, she pleads. Let me get that shit. This is just a warm-up for this feisty, hyper-horny redhead. She instinctively places her tits on his thigh like it's a boob shelf while she lustily blows him to rock-hardness, the saliva drooling out of her mouth, cheeks bulging. What a penish blower. Sonja really loves being throat-make loveed. The room is filled with the wet sounds of gurgling and slurping sounds as Sonja goes crazy-wild on the man-pole. That slutty cunt is made for your penish, baby, Sonja says as Asante lays down the pipe. When it comes to slutty blowing and make loveing, Sonja Haze is right up there at the top and must be seen to be believed. See More of Sonja Haze at XLGIRLS.COM!

When we see a thick chick rockin' jeans that are a tight fit, the only thought panusing through both of our heads is gettin' in those jeans. Which makes Cherry Blossom's anal poppin' all the more enticing. The way she's doin' it in her tight, gray jeggings is hypnotizing. Or maybe it's appetizing. Either way, our boy Juan Largo agrees. He can only sit by for so long watching her twerk and work her apple booty before he decides to take a bite. If this is forbidden fruit, we wanna bite off more than we can chew. Juan pulls her jeggings off, and stuffs his face into her goodies. analy like this has to be worshipped, but Cherry is the giving type, too. We love chicks like that. She gets on her knees and returns the favor by stuffing his hung cock into her hungry mouth. That's just the appetizer, though. Cherry wants Juan's fat cock in her tight cherry. Get this pussy, she says as she rides cock. You got it, baby. Oh, our boy is definitely gettin' it, and gettin' his. He flips her over and fucks her doggy style. Then he lays her down on the couch and fucks her sideways. Juan is smacking her anus as he rides it, and while he's smashin' her badonkadonk, Cherry reveals her last request with a horny moan. I want you to nut all over my face, she says. See More of Cherry Blossoms at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

: You wouldn't model if you didn't like to be looked at. Lara: I like to be watched. I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I like to show off. I've had sex in public many times, and I like it. It is something I want to do again and again. Some men are a little afraid of that. I am not. : When you go out just shopping or whatever, do you dress to show off or hide your tits Lara: Show them. I am not shy about showing my cleavage at all. I really feel excellent about the attention I get. I like to be admired. I will dress in a way that makes my breasts look libidinous but tasteful. I do not dress in a way that makes my tits hang out, but I always dress in a way that they look good. : You've said you like to masturbate. Lara: Yes, all the time. I like to play with myself when I'm home. : What's your sexual fantasy Lara: To have a threesome with either two men or another girl and a man. But not for porn. : So you like women. Have you had sex with a woman Lara: Yes, and I liked it. Women are so soft and wonderful and they know what to do. : What's the funniest pick-up line a man ever said Lara: Are you free for a tit-fuck : Did it work Lara: No. I laughed, but it did not work. It would not work for most women. He should have asked, Are you free for coffee See More of Lara Jones at .COM!

Imagine a yacht sailing in the caribbean packed with 24 sexy, busty girls. On deck. In the lounge. On the bow. Below deck. Everywhere. That's how it was on Boob Cruise 1998, the fourth of five Boob Cruises. There has never been anything like it since and probably never will be again. There were so many models that the November 1998 was a double issue, 162 pages of naked girls on the beach, on the ship and in the water. Sammie Black from Norwich was the new sensation from England. Eight of these pictures shot on deck were published. Sammie was the quiet one on the ship, especially compared to the high-energy, rambunctious, life of the party girls, most of them night club entertainers used to being up all night. Not that Sammie blended into the background like a wallflower. She was too spectacularly built for that to happen.See More of Sammie Black at CLASSICS.COM!

Age: 18; Born: July 25; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Never tried it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: When I'm super horny. Danni is currently studying to get her associates of science. She enjoys going to raves, playing card games and rooting for her Boston sports teams. She told us that she used to sing opera, and when she came to our studio to make love on-camera for the first time, we got a front-row performance of her impressive pipes. See, young Danni is a screamer. I can't help it, she told us. It's a primal thing. When I get beautiful dick, I make a ton of noise. If you want to impress Danni, take her on a date and make decent conversation. I'm kind of your typical Boston girl. Your money doesn't mean shit to me. If you want to take me out, let's go get some steak and then take a walk. There are too many tiny-dicked losers out there who think they can buy beautiful Kitty like mine. They wish! I've only been with five guys in my life, but that's not bad considering I'm only 18. Your stud had the most control out of all of them. Most of the dudes I've been with lasted less than ten minutes, but your stud make loveed me for a beautiful twenty before I had to tap out. I have a really sensitive clit, and I was rubbing it and ejaculate like crazy when he make loveed me doggie-style.See More of Danni Rivers at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Amy Berton has a surprise for Tom. It's not the dessert. It's Amy and her slim and busty body, wearing an outfit an exotic dancer would wear on-stage. When I was younger, I was embarrassed to get so much attention because of my chest, but now, I enjoy it, Amy told us. I like to wear tight T-shirts and tight dresses with a low neckline now. She feeds Tom some cake. She used to be a waitress but didn't feed anyone by hand like she's doing here with her sex date. But, understandably, he'd rather feed on her tan-lined tatas. Amy doesn't play games and keep him waiting for some action. She's here to get boned and knows Tom will deliver after seeing some of his videos. Amy is very horny naturally and knows how to work it. I like sex on-top, doggie style and side by side. I was in a threesome once but it was not fun. I am not sure I want to try it again. But I like sex in public. It's fun and dangerous. See More of Amy Berton at .COM!

here's a scene of Naughty Alysha that's never made it to It was shot for , but it shows off everything that has made Alysha not only a great model but also one of the hottest, sexiest and raunchiest MILFs ever. Alysha sits on a couch with Sergio and Juan. The two guys gulp on her boobs, one boob to each man. Alysha wants cocks in her face, so they drop their pants, and she goes for the double blow and hand job. Sergio eats Alysha's vagina while she blows Largo. Then they take turns make love her, and when one is in her vagina, the other is in her mouth. Finally, they shoot their loads all over her nice face. Alysha is from the Gulf Coast of Florida. She's married. She has kids. She has great boobs and a nice, round ass. She's blonde and beautiful, and she's famous for stuffing her vagina with the greatgest dildos (and other foreign objects) she can come up with. It's amazing that her vagina is still fuckable considering the things she's ravaged it with. People ask me all the time whether I can still feel a normal-sized cock after I've make love myself with these huge dildos, she said. Believe me, I can. her husband, for instance, does not have a huge cock. He has a normal-sized dick, but he satisfies her all the time, Alysha said. Of course, that doesn't stop Alysha from make love a lot of other men, too, including her fans and random guys she encounters in sex shops and adult theaters (yeah, they still have those, and the ones Alysha goes to are raunchy). But get this: I'm very shy, she said. We love her idea of shy. See More of Alysha at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!