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The greatest boob show On earth It's been too much time since Natasha lovely appeared at . We were starting to worry and wondered if Natasha had decided to stop showing off her fantastic natural natural tits and hot anatomy for any one of a number of reasons. And then we got the message. Natasha was ready to toss away her bra and panties and fog up our camera lenses again. Miss lovely looks bustier than ever, and it's not due to photographic camera tricks. She said her natural tits may be at H-cup levels now. I like the feeling when a guy looks at my breasts and he gets nervous and excited. It makes me feel like a queen. Natasha has watched her videos so we asked her to give us her thoughts. I saw all of the videos I made. Sometimes I watched them with a lot of people. Everyone really liked them. I did have sex watching some of them. It was hot. Now more guys love me and they call me a star. That is flattering. See More of Natasha lovely at .COM!

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