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Roxi's Breast Fruit In 1999, the Tesco supermarket chain asked its suppliers to grow smaller melons after focus groups revealed that people subconsciously bought melons based on social trends in boob sizes. Smaller tits were popular at the time. Melon sales soared. Roxi Red came back from the supermarket with juicy fruits but not the size she was looking for. She just couldn't find any melons that measured up to her own enormous, juicy tits. Three of those melons could fit into one of Roxi's bra cups. Our photographer would have had to carry any melon as big and as big as one of Roxi's melons. Roxi's tits measured a double K-cup the last time she had them checked out. They look closer to a triple-K. One of the bustiest natural wonders of the world, 20-Club member Roxi took that extra step when she did her first bum sex...she bought a bum plug the night before to prepare. Before that scene, she said, This is all kinda new to me. I've had bum sex before. You just have to be slow and cautious with me. I'm very tight there. I've tried it in cowgirl position and also on my side. I like it best if my cunt is played with at the same time. See More of Roxi Red at .COM!

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