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Chantal Raye is one of a newer generation of Big-boobed hotties who don't wait at all to fuck. They're ready, willing and most-able right now, right off the snap. The very first question Chantal asks total stranger Al in this scene is, Do you want to fuck me in the arse Not bad at all for a first date, especially when the fox in question is charming and shapely with fantastic 44DD bazookas, her nipples aimed at your mouth. Chantal said that she almost always makes the first move on a guy and that she can be very arseertive sexually which explains things. She likes fucked almost every day and, surprisingly, says, Masturbating is something I've never really done but I've listened to a few girls do it. Once our blind daters have warmed up with tit-worship and a cock slurpee, Chantal opens her cunt wide for the pole and then allows her pal to go anus surfing in her excited arse.See More of Chantal Raye at XLGIRLS.COM!

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