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Stairway To hooters One of the more boobalicious sights in Big-tit history was seeing Terry Nova side-by-side with Christy Marks and Karina Hart in a brassiere line-up in Hungary. The photos are in Thursday's entry in the Hungary For hooters Blog. Ever the quiet one and even amongst her Czech peeps, Terry doesn't need to say much. Her super-voluptuous body is off the decibel scale. Marille, one of the models from a Prague special, said about her, Terry is so pleasant and nice, she makes the average girl look like a bee-tch! You'd never think that Terry is one of Europe's Biggest hardcore stars. She sure doesn't look like a porn star. Notes J.K: I think Terry Nova is the closest to an Amazon that there is on Scoreland. I can imagine a sculptor chiseling a block of marble and winding up with Terry Nova as the finished statue. See More of Terry Nova at BigTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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