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Beauty & The bath Cosplayer, Latex fetishist and Big-tit and breast expansion lover, Ariane Saint-Amour is one of Montreal's best-known models. Her tits measure 40 inches and she usually wears a 30J bra. : What style of bras do you buy Ariane: Change and curvy Kate are my two favorite bra companies but if they fit, I'll buy them! : What kind of dates do you like to go on Ariane: cute food, pleasant company, a hookah bar or an arcade. An afternoon at a museum too! : Any sexual fantasies Ariane: Dickgirls. : Are you sexually assertive or passive Ariane: I'm a switch. : What is most sexually satisfying Ariane: A boy and a girl or two... See More of Ariane Saint-Amour at .COM!

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