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XLGirls: So Mya, what would you like to say to the members of XL Girls Mya: Keep an eye out for more of me and follow me on my social media. I plan on sticking around for a while. XLGirls: What word or sentence would you most like to put on your Tee-shirt Mya: Friday is my second favorite F word. XLGirls: Do you like having sex with girls Should they have great tits also or it doesn't matter Mya: I haven't had many opportunities to have sex with girls but what I have had I like. I prefer curves definitely but usually not huge tits like mine. XL Girls: Do guys ask you to slap them in the face with your tits Mya: Sometimes. One of my party tricks is I can make my tits clap. XLGirls: What are you going to school for Mya: Psychology. XLGirls: You should do your dissertation on why guys like great tits. Mya: I want to become a criminal analyst. I wanna work for the BAU The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. XLGirls: You can bust us anytime. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!

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