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Cunt is a maid at a seedy hotel. It is the kind of place where people go to have illicit trysts and remain anonymous. She usually never sees any of the patrons who frequent the place because they are long gone before she goes into their rooms to Clean. That is, until the one day that she was Cleaning a room and realized that there was a man watching her from the bathroom. She was caught off guard, but there was something about him that rendered her powerless. She wanted to submit to him. That is why when he walked over to her, she began to undo her hair from its tight coil. He ran his fingers through it and then smelled it. I want to touch you, he told her. I want to be touched, sir, she replied. And so their game of master and servant began. He had his way with her, worshiping her feet and pummeling her cunt with his hardness. By the time he came all over her shoes, she was ravished. Then he got dressed and checked out. And cunt, spent the day with his cumshot all over her shoes as a reminder of her indiscretion.See More of cunt Langdon at LEGSEX.COM!

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