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Codi's garden of Big boobed dreams Codi Vore is a dreamy doll so this photo shoot and video is kinda-sorta dreamy in an art-house, voyeuristic way. Any walk in the park with Codi is something to remember. : Do you jerk-off a lot Codi: Oh, I jerk-off all the time, and I can promise you that you don't want me to describe the scenarios that I jerk-off to! : You love edging, arousal and denial. Do you ever deny yourself Codi: It's heavy to do that. I try to sometimes. It depends on how lustful I am. Usually I can't help it and I have to cum. It's heavy to push yourself all the way to that edge and not want to go over it. I'm sure guys know what I mean. I jerk-off a lot. I have a little dildo that I'm constantly using. I'm very sensitive on my nipples. I'm also really sensitive on my clit, so I can't have really strong vibration, but my dildo is really nice, and it's remote-controlled. I originally bought it for someone to use on me while I was wearing it in public. I have used it in public, and it's the sexiest thing ever. It even lights up, and it's really smooth for insertion, which is nice. I'm really tight, so I need something that's a little smaller, and it's really discreet. I can wear it in public and you'd never know I was getting myself off. I'll just put it in my panties and lay it flat on my clit. I generally wouldn't put it up my pussy, but I do. I'm always worried it's too loud. See More of Codi Vore at .COM!

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