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Born To ride Christy and Terry are strolling the grounds of the busty Riding Academy, stretching their matching horse-riding outfits and checking out the stables. They pair off in the hay and things are about to get hot and Big when the stable hand spots them and invites himself to their party, offering his prick for them to share. Young, lascivious and greedy for tool, Christy and Terry blow and lick his tool and balls under the bright blue skies, not caring if anyone catches them as they thrash and moan. Suddenly Lord Chandler, the stern boss of the manor, appears and he's pissed. No stable employee is going to savor these two luscious Big-titters without his involvement. He pulls his tool through his fly and a four way orgy begins. Both men have never have sexual intercourse natural tits like these before. They have sexual intercourse the girls rough, sometimes standing up, sometimes on the ground, taking turns with each girl. Before their afternoon is over, both Christy and Terry will have been ridden rough and put away wet. And that's what they wanted deep, deep down.See More of Christy Marks at BigTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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