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Busty bronze chaz chaz was 11 years old when she started to develop and she said she is the only one in her family that's busty. She cornered the great bust market in her family. She was a double-D cupper at 16. chaz didn't dress to show off her Boobs and tease the boys because she was a tomboy herself. The boys at school would run up to me and touch my breasts and then run away. If they could see me now, they wouldn't run away, I'm sure. In PE, they would say to me to be careful running or I would get black eyes. chaz was an office worker when she applied. She was born for great-boob modeling with those 38H Boobs and lovely body. Underrated during her active years in our opinion, chaz eventually dropped out of sight. The last time we talked to chaz, she was back to the office and taking her buses to and from work. But she's one of the girls you don't forget. See More of chaz at CLASSICS.COM!

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