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Heidi hooters: The total package A true contortionist, Heidi hooters could get into extreme spreading positions that very few dancers are able to. It was as if her bones and ligaments were made of rubber. She was one of a kind who began her dancing exploits in the 1980s. A lustful stripper who traveled North America, Heidi's pictorials were shot at the peak of her popularity at the height of the American Big-boobed dancer mania. In 1993 Heidi, mainly a solo model who never did hardcore, shot a pictorial with German natural Chloe Vevrier that was a study in total opposites. By the mid-'90s, Heidi had dropped out of sight. Few dancers could match her extreme flexibility and energetic moves on stage. True story: Heidi's daughter contacted the Studio in 2010 about modeling. She was great for any general men's mag but just wasn't busty enough for Big-boob specialist magazine.See More of Heidi hooters at CLASSICS.COM!

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