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Lisa lipps: superbody woman I'm a ham, American covergirl Lisa lipps said in a 1993 interview. An imposing figure of a woman, Lisa did it all. Magazines, videos, stage shows, fan parties and fan clubs, and when the internet came within reach, websites. Put me in front of a camera and let it roll. Some girls can't stand doing videos but I enjoy them. It's a turn-on thinking about all of the men who are going to be watching the video or masturbating to the photographs. Plus, there's also the cameraman. I'm always wondering what he's thinking. If he wouldn't rather just jump right in. I'm sure he would but he's working like me. Ten years later in 2003 in another interview, Lisa talked about her background. I was an athlete. I was into gymnastics, and I was into track when I was younger. And then I took dance, and that's probably why I'm a dancer today. I was a gymnast until I had an injury. My mother said, 'You're done. We don't need any broken hips or legs.' So I went into jazz, tap and ballet for a few years. And then I started getting interested in boys and gave it all up for sex. I was always interested in sex. My Mom and Dad didn't know it, though. They do now, but they didn't know what kind of slut they really had. The girls didn't like me very much. See More of Lisa lipps at CLASSICS.COM!

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