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Stacy owen: From scotland With breasts The nakedness of woman is the work of God, wrote 18th century English poet William Blake. Sadly, Blake was born too early to masturbate to Stacy owen's photos but his words apply to this Scottish appetizer, entree and dessert and all-around dish. Born in 1965, Stacy began by entering wet T-shirt contests--often emerging a chesty champion, progressed to topless and then full nudity. Her pictorials were published and republished in numerous UK mens' mags as well as sold to foreign publications. Sometimes Stacy was brunette, sometimes blonde and sometimes her hair coloring was in-between. She was filmed in Spain and in the UK. Ultimately, Stacy performed in hardcore porn shoots with girls and men including threesomes with two men. UK mags couldn't publish hardcore pictures or sell hardcore videos within the UK but the Europeans could. She also became a roadshow girl for the Sunday Sport newspaper and Electric Blue, touring UK nightclubs. Stacy retired in 1991. In some of her last pictures, her Boobs are noticeably smaller. That's often the case with naturally curvy girls as they mature in their '20s. Published John Fox, then editor of Gent in America, remembered how Stacy was discovered. Stacy owen and Shona McTavish were girlfriends from a small town just outside of Edinburgh, scotland. One night in the summer of 1987 they decided to have a night on the town in London so they got dressed up and went to Stringfellows. Stringfellows at the time was the place to be seen for would-be models around London. The buxom twosome were enjoying the attention they were receiving that night until Stacy was dancing with a guy who asked her what she did for a living. 'I'm a model,' Stacy said. The guy turned out to be Peter Kay, one of Britain's best glamour photographers and videographers. One week later Stacy posed for her first nude photos. See More of Stacey owen at CLASSICS.COM!

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