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Hasn't found many racked and stacked Canadian knockouts over the years. Why so has always puzzled us. is popular in all of the provinces of Canada. There used to be lots of Canadian strip clubs elegant some mighty fine women but the numbers have seriously declined since 1998. So where are the hot babes no longer finding work in the clubs Some have migrated to the internet. That's where we found Korina Kova--on Twitter and Instagram. Canadian imports don't get better. petite Korina heats up the kitchen with her awesome rack, show-stopping legs and ass, lascivious voice and eye-banging gaze. She's only 5'3 but she seems much taller. The kitchen counter doubles as Korina's stage where she plays with her heavy tits and toys her pussy. Korina loves toys and has a large collection. Doc Johnson must love her. I definitely always under-dress my tits, Korina said. My style is more casual. I've got a pony tail on days off and I just try to hide them, but if I am in the mood to show off, then it's tight tops, deep cleavage. That's my favorite. I love to take care of myself. I like to keep my skin in appealing condition, so I always wear a bra. Even if I'm sleeping. Anything. I have to hold them in! See More of Korina Kova at .COM!

We like to say that Sammie Black was a miracle. She had huge breasts yet she was slim and had slender legs. She had no belly and her ass was fine. In short, Sammie had a very rare physique. Girls with packed and firm breasts her size are almost always thick and voluminous all over. During the late '90s, the question was asked if Sammie would do hardcore with a guy. Her answer was: I'm too shy to have a shag. It took a lot for me to pose nude in the beginning. I'm just One of those girls who would rather keep my sex life a private matter. The closest I've ever come to doing anything with another person was with Jenny in a busty video and we didn't have sex, just played with our voluminous voluminous boobs. Sammie had a small site on a free host in England but it didn't last long. She used it primarily as an advertising tool for her post- modeling activities, which also didn't last long. See More of Sammie Black at CLASSICS.COM!

Bikini enjoyment Codi Vore wants to spend the afternoon at poolside in Hollywood Hills. She begins to apply some sun gel to her curvy, busty anatomy but the sunshine is spotty. Putting a hand down her bikini butthole and pulling it down, Codi feels her triangle of bush. I'll need to take care of that, Codi says. Can't believe I forgot to shave. Codi goes inside, and armed with her razor and shaving cream, Codi slowly gives her furry cunt a close shave. But don't lose your mind, Hair Club members. Codi grew her bush garden back for the North Coast vacation. When Codi finishes her depilation, she sticks a finger in her now-slick snatch, rubs away and then puts it in her mouth, tasting her pleasant girl-juice. See More of Codi Vore at .COM!

Lives: Plymouth, England; Occupation: Bank clerk; Age: 22; Born: September 21; Ht: 5'6; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Small and lacy; Anal: Not for me; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Regularly. This is a salvage job. Natalia is cute, so we decided to publish the few photos that were useable. My bloke's not very pretty with his camera, and being all sexed up didn't help, Natalia said. When the weather's right, we often drive out into the country on Sundays, eat in a little pub somewhere then go for a walk and end up shagging. I love sex in the sun; it's fabulous. This day, I posed before we did it. See More of Natalia at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

I am new to this whole leg fetish thing, but I love it. I can't get enough of all the new sensations I am feeling. I never used to wear pantyhose until I went shopping with this friend of a friend who is a big-time hose slut. She was the One who told me that masturbating with a pair of hose on was very intense and kinky and that I would cumshot so heavy that I'd be converted. I was skeptical but open-minded, so I bought my first pair and went home to touch myself through the nylon. Needless to say, I wore those hose and myself out. The sensation of the mesh on my clit was so intense that I came and came until my legs cramped up. I have been a hose freak since. Since my awakening to all things leg and foot, I have had three lovers who have been into feet. I don't think I could ever have sex with someOne who isn't into peds from now on. There is something about a man who is willing to kneel at your feet and serve you that is so seductive and sexy. And I like letting men have sexual intercourse my feet. I like to watch their stiff cocks sliding in and out of my foot-pussy while their strong hands pull and hold my feet together.See More of Tessa West at LEGSEX.COM!

Playtime at poolside is the right time since we can check out Harmony Bliss in a teeny-tiny string bikini. Her anatomy looks very beautiful and fit for have sexual intercourse in this scene. Stunt-man Carlos handles the breast-oiling to start the action. We can't call it work. This is more fun. We told Harmony we'd kiss her booty for have sexual intercourse so Carlos takes care of that. Harmony reciprocates by swallowing his bOne, using beautiful, heavy suction. For the main event, they try out a number of screwing positions on the deck chair, including a partly-standing doggie bang. Harmony looks great have sexual intercourse and sucking. magazine editor Dave wrote about Harmony, When we saw Harmony's test shots, One person in particular was enthralled by her, and that was Chief John Fox. Sure, noanatomy could miss Harmony's slim 'n' stacked anatomy with a tiny waist and great tits, but what caught John's attention was the shape of Harmony's tits: pointy, almost like cOnes.See More of Harmony Bliss at .COM!

A lot of women shy away from anal sex. Other women will do it but only with guys who have small cocks. And some women will insist that the guy take it easy on her bum. Tahnee is not any of those women. Now, Tahnee has big tits. Very big tits. And that's nice. She's blonde and appealing and a little bit slutty. But today, the focus is on her 49-year-old bum. She suc One stud's cock while the other inserts his finger in her tight bum. Then he inserts a second finger. Just when Tahnee is worked up and her bum has been stretched open enough, he slides his cock inside. And Tahnee doesn't miss a beat with the cock-sucking. I loved it, Tahnee said after she'd wiped the ejaculate off her face. I love getting make love in my ass. We can tell.See More of Tahnee Taylor at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Lily looks more innocent than she actually is. Lily is an adorable girl-next-door who likes to go hiking, kayaking and camping. She's wholesome and fresh-faced, yet somehow she ended up in our studio getting naked and blowjob and fuck random guys. But the fact that she doesn't seem like the type to have sex on-camera makes it all the hotter when she does. Do lots of guys hit on you It might be heavy to believe, but no guys ever approach me or hit on me on the street. So it can be heavy to meet new guys outside of my circle. That's why I wanted to come to your studio. So I could meet someOne new to have sex with! And porn guys always have large dicks, which is nice. I'm just looking for a little no-strings-attached action. I also like the idea of being watched, either in-person or on-camera. I think it's hot. What do you like about being watched I like the idea of a guy getting turned on by looking at my body. I think it all comes down to wanting to feel wanted. EveryOne wants to feel like someOne wants them. So it could be me having sex, or me playing with myself or even just changing. If someOne likes watching me in any way, it turns me on. I'm all for feminism and stuff, but hOnestly, I kind of like to be objectified sometimes. I want to be seen as a sexual object, just for a little bit. Are people ever surprised to learn that you have a naughty side Yes, all the time. They think I'm so innocent because of the way I look and because I'm pleasant nice, too. Then something might slip. I might say something about having sex and they'll seem shocked that I'm not a virgin. I do like some wholesome things, like nature and baking cookies. I just happen to also like to have sex with guys with large dicks--and doing it on--camera! I think you can be wholesome and slutty at the same time. That's actually how I would describe myself. See More of Lily Rader at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

Maybe it's time to start acting like a geek if this is the reward. Even geeks, nerds, twits, schmucks and other assorted dweebs and tools should get their share of the breast pleasures that big-boobed girls are happy to bestow upon some of the men they encounter in their daily lives. Our hero is One such loser, laughed at by hot women, abused by unpleasant office bullies. But there is a ray of sunshine in this dude's life and she is Miss Charlie Cooper, a chesty charmer and his office manager. Miss Cooper stops the tortured and sends the two mean co-workers to lunch so she can speak to this chap. And teach him a thing or two about beautiful, huge, natural tits. Like how to worship the tits, how to sucks them and play with them. And then teach him how she likes to be fucked. There's a lot to be said for women like Charlie feeling sorry for geeks. They want to mother 'em and smother 'em with their hot, soft bodies. Every man, geek or not, deserves a supervisor like Charlie Cooper. See More of Charlie Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!

We don't get too many MILFs over here at BootyLicious. Those chicks are usually reserved for our buddies over at 40Something. But after getting a lovely look at our latest Latina dime piece, Sabrina Santos, we can see why those dudes are so MILF-obsessed. Sabrina is thick in all the right places, and at 41, knows how to use every bit of it. I basically only talk to younger guys, Sabrina said. They love me, and they love my booty. Plus, they have the stamina to keep up with me. They're lascivious to be with me, and they're attentive, too. Sabrina certainly has Rocky's attention today. He loves nothing more than a thick Latina chick, but he's never had a thick MILF. Sabrina is ready to show our boy a thing or two, so he'd better be ready. See More of Sabrina Santos at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!