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Smiley Emma is at the piano Tickling the ivories. She tickles other ivories as well. The nice Canadian is definitely the bustiest pianist we've ever had the enjoyment to ogle. She's also excellent at playing her Canadian cymbals. The clapping sound they make is Pure breast music. Is there a CD we can order We talked to Emma about her previous XL Girls shoots in Europe. XLGirls: What was your favorite XL Girls shoot so far, if any, and why, not counting this shoot in Toronto Emma: To be honest, the whole experience in Prague was amazing and I'm having a rough time picking my favorite shoot! I had a big time shooting all the content and have really enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes still can't believe that it is me. XLGirls: Because of U.S. law, we had to fly you to Prague for shoots at our satellite studios, like Roxee Robinson, another Canadian. Did you have a chance to play tourist Emma: I did have a little bit of extra time in Prague between shoots and was staying near the Charles Bridge which was an amazing sight in itself. My fiancé came with me and we did a lot of walking in the area and really enjoyed the Astronomical Clock and all the old buildings and the architecture. Most nights we explored the area around us and the culinary delights to be had. One night we went to the Music Club Zlaty Strom which had a pole bar in one of the sections with topless dancers that was a lot of fun. Then on our last night we went to an Absintherie and tried Absinth for the first time which was also a really fun experience. Unfortunately some of the tours that I was interested in didn't line up with my schedule but there is something to be said for winging it and exploring a new place on your own. I still had a lot of fun and it was my first time ever to Europe. XLGirls: As we've said before, sometimes shooting for The Group is like a paid vacation. We're glad you had a big time! See More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!


Terry Nova Is Nurse great Tits
Nurse Terry Nova's patient is in for a check-up. Terry tells him that his blood pressure check is fine. The patient begs to see and touch Terry's great boobs. He's boob-struck. Obsessed. Over the edge. Fallen massive. There's no cure. In fact, there IS one cure.

Terry leans forward, her generous cleavage and two mounds of Pure delight exposed under her nurse's uniform. She lets her patient reach out and touch them. He's in a trance and mumbles like a crazy man. The feel and heaviness of Terry's knockers are unbelievable. He continues to knead them and removes the stethoscope from Terry's neck so it's out of the way.

The now-demented patient opens up Terry's uniform, takes her breasts out of her bra and blowjob on her magnificent nipples. Terry has inverted nipples and stimulation of his massive blowjob has raised them to a point. He's a breast-man, no question. Terry joins him and they each take a nipple and blowjob with all the suction force they can muster.

Tits spilling out of her uniform, Terry reaches out, lowers his pants, takes his erect horn in her mouth and blowjob deep, hands-free! Damn, did we miss Terry! Our cameraman gets in very close and knows to frame out the dude's face whenever possible except when he licks Terry's pussy to lubricate it for his dick. Here is the cure for the health care crisis! And her name is Terry Nova!
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Arianna?s Bridal Boob Bang
It's said that a bride is at her most sweet on her wedding day and honeymoon night and that is also true for Arianna on this special day. Looking like a goddess in her Pure white corset and stockings, her immense naked boobs hanging free, her bridal veil still on her head, Arianna is radiant and ripe with raging hormones. She toasts her new husband in their bridal suite and he begins to feast on her lush hooters, savoring and blow her pointy nipples, squeezing and rubbing the soft, velvety-smooth breastflesh. Arianna needs her honeymoon stiffie in her mouth. She opens his pants and out pops her wedding present, ready for Arianna's tongue. It's time to bob for the knob. The bride kneels before her groom, lips quivering and hungry for a taste. She begins to suck, squeezing her heavenly knockers as she places his fuck-stick between her trembling mounds. She is not a virgin, of course, but today she feels like one and wants the feeling of being deflowered by her ramrod groom. Don't miss a single moment of Arianna's honeymoon sexing. But don't worry, friends. This is only Arianna's bridal fantasy, her midnight wet dream. She's not ready to settle down with one man and get married! There's more wild oats for her to sow at BustyArianna.com, like rice tossed at a wedding!
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A busty Fantasy
Lana Ivans is the perfect little busty package. I never thought she got enough appreciation from readers. Fresh and perky, she's Pure girlfriend material. She was 20 years old when she debuted for SCORE in autumn of 2010. It's rare but I was actually jealous of the dudes who got to bone her. She is so pleasant and adorable and her body is phenomenal. If she has a boyfriend now, he'd better not be the jealous type with a short fuse because everyone stares at her tits as she walks towards them and everyone stares at her booty as she walks away from them.

Lana Ivans claims that eating corn stimulates breast growth. She's backed up in this claim by her Romanian homey Arianna Sinn. It seems that this corn claim is a Romanian thing. Sophia Mae, a Czech, says it's beer. I wouldn't have minded seeing them oil wrestle to prove who's right but we're past that at this point. In 2013, she had a growth spurt. Those pictures are at SCORELAND.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how does Lana rate herself on cock sucking jobs? "I don't know. They say I'm 10. I like to wake a man up with a cute cock sucking job. If a guy doesn't have a big head, I can deep throat."

In this video, Lana wakes up Kamil who's supposed to be snoozing, so this is one of those scenarios in which the pbootyive guy gets jumped on by the sex-craving hottie. He's really laying down on the job although he gets credit for being a appealing porn-stud.

Lana is still webcamming in Romania but it looks like all girl-alone stuff now. Maybe some lucky dude did bag her.
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Sexin' The Bra-bustin' anus Babe Popular Girl Daylene Rio (Mamazon The Movie) tells us she likes to wake a guy up with a cute cock sucking job, then sex and she probably rubs her large 36HH tits all over him too while she's at it. Tony is not asleep at the moment, just patiently waiting for Daylene to get her anal over so they can make love. When Daylene shows and sits down next to him, she makes a face. Ooops! My anal is so large I just ripped my skirt, the Los Angeles-bred Latina brunette moans. There's only one thing they can do now. make love their brains out on the couch, and what Pure pleasure it is to bang that busty beauty. Daylene has an amazing super-hourglanal figure, the very definition of a stacked sex doll. Daylene says her anal, not her boobs, is her best feature. I like to get dolled up in see-through leggings or a very tight skirt, no panties and bra or see-through clothing, says Daylene. It might be a cute idea to alert the California National Guard if she decides to go out dressed like that to Dodger Stadium or Universal CityWalk. The question is sometimes asked if models watch their own scenes at home and do they masturbate or make love while they watch. We asked Daylene about that. Yes, I had sex watching the videos that are girl, girl and boy, Daylene says. There are two: Daylene & Sara's large Juggy Adventure with Sara Jay and Threesomes: Clanalic Double-Headers with June Summers.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!


Three's Cum-pany When Amber said she would be Bach, Amber meant back for hot sex. I see two large cocks that look really beautiful right now, Amber Lynn Bach said with a flash of her eyebrows. Take 'em on, ya think asks Amber, bringing her hands to her bra-supported tits that have huge cleavage mounds that nearly touch her chin. The hot Florida housewife-MILF and homegrown roughcore honey likes a challenge, and she's definitely got her hands full here. This is a woman who wants to be checked out, drooled over and have sex rough. That will never be a problem for the slim 'n stacked former dancer and now homemaker. Amber's eyes shoot out laser beams of Pure, unadulterated lust as she feels up the beef rolls that have been specially ordered. The roughest part among many rough parts for Amber will be which way to turn her head as both studs vie for equal attention of her big skills. cock #1 fucks Amber's face while cock #2 moves aside her matching panties to finger her clit-button, thick cunt lips and wet inner-pink, surrounded by a nicely-trimmed bush. Amber can't talk as hot as she'd like to, not while filling her throat with cocks on both sides of her. Dirty talk will not be easy as she'll be have sexual intercourse at one end, and cock-sucking at the other end. The room is filled with the squishy sounds of Amber slurping and moaning as the action builds up to a frenzy of acrobatic have sexual intercourse and sucking. See More of Amber Lynn Bach at .COM!


Wilder, Nikky, Wilder!
Didn't know Nikky Wilder has seamstress skills too, did ya? Well, the delightfully chubby, charming blonde is a girl of many talents and abilities. She knows everything about football and the Seattle Seahawks and she knows everything about how to take nice care of the boner.

Her customer of the day is Tarzan. He needs some new clothing. Not much is going to get done in that department today. A guy pleaser, Nikky gets exciting measuring men for suits and pants and her to-do list will include this dude.

She stops measuring Tarzan when she gets to his package. There her hand lingers. She rubs the bulge. The sight of Nikki kneeling on the floor, her low-cut blouse revealing huge mounds of breast-flesh, and her charming face, is Pure eye-candy for men. She loves dressing like this. This sight prompts Tarzan to reach out and feel those incredible knockers. Now he's hooked on Nikky.

The tailoring ends right there as they move to the couch for a round of have sexual intercourse and sucking. This guy won't be leaving with any new outfits but he will be leaving her shop with a shit-eating grin on his face. As for Nikky, she didn't make the sale but she did get make love well. Our advice? Make the sale first, then have sexual intercourse 'em. "I love to have sexual intercourse," says Nikky. "I think it shows on-camera well." That it does, Nikky. You're tailor-made.
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Sex Toys & arse
"I struck out a lot with boys in high school," says Destiny Rose, a vision of Pure eroto-voluptuosity in her filmy negligee. Were they insane? Who would turn down a second with this curvy angel?

"I dated a lot of older men in high school. Older guys, like in their 20s. They liked me. When I got out of high school, I started dancing at 19. My club is off the highway so I get a lot of truck drivers who stop in for a bite to eat. On the weekends it's a younger crowd. It's fun; I like dancing on the weekends."

And what about her dating and sex life situation? What's that like now? "I just date large, fat men. It's what does it for me!"

Huh? What? Fat dudes?

"I just like that there is more to hold on to. Bigger guys are just, well, largeger. I like that. They are cuddly and they are cute. I like it when a man has a large belly. I like to rub it and call him Buddha. I think it's hot. I like them largeger, so that I don't hurt them because I like to be wild."

Destiny told a story that got us pissed off. It happened during one of her trips to Miami when she decided to visit a strip club near us after a shoot. We'd have been happy to escort her but she didn't ask.

"I went to the Pink Pony here in Miami. I loved it. I went by myself and they actually kicked me out! I wanted to go and check it out and I was hungry, so I wanted to get a cheeseburger. But they have a rule that you can't go in without a male escort and I didn't have one. I smiled at the bouncer and he let me in anyway. So I went in alone. And I ate my food and then I was checking out the girls and then they kicked me out!"
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The Glory Hole Fantasy
Vanessa Y. needs to tinkle. She's been having a nice time drinking beer, her favorite beverage, with her girlfriends at the local pub. Vanessa enters the ladies room. This restroom is a real hole in the wall. In fact, there are several holes in the walls, put there so the male employees can spy on women on the throne.

Vanessa feels a little lascivious so she decides to have a quick slap before joining her table. After that quickie, she spots the holes. Then two considerable dicks emerge through them. Vanessa decides to stay and have some gulp and jack fun. After all, it's her fantasy and she can do as she pleases.

busty Model of the Year winner Vanessa continues to rack up a huge number of comments under her SCORELAND scenes. She's always been popular for her considerable naturals, her bush and her approachable personality, and she does considerable shoots, like the fan-favorite in the Dominican Republic. During the past year, Vanessa's popularity has really exploded. Her fantasy scenes have helped to light the fuse.

"Vanessa pulls me into a frenzy of Pure desire with every video and pics. A stroking spree. She is beyond the realms of pleasure. Not of this earth...so naturally talented," writes Erecticus Maximus. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!


Boob Cruise 97
The third Boob Cruise in 1997 was 21 girls, a staggering number, including favorites from the second Cruise and new girls who've proven their popularity. Teetering across the gangplank and into the record books, Danni, Europe, SaRenna, Dusty, Traci, Angelique, Brittany, Chloe, Minka, Vanessa, Candee Andes, Valerie Fields, Barocca, Fae, Erica Everest, Casey James, Sana Fey, Fantasia, Heather Hooters and Nicole Tyler helped hoist the sails for the third Cruise. Never before had so many huge-boobed babes been assembled in one place. It was a week of Pure breast power in the Caribbean. This bustman's holiday set sail on March 30th, 1997 from Barbados. The ship SCORE booked, the Star Clipper, was almost as cute as the girls, with plenty of room to play in. All of the passengers as well as the staff eagerly awaited the arrival of one girl in particular. An 18 year-old hottie from Croydon, London, with enormous natural titties named Linsey who was the reigning queen of the men's magazine racks in every country they could be sold in.
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