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Life in the military can be rough so every now and then a recruit needs to unwind in the barracks. In this case, unwinding is a Big-anus orgy that would make Uncle Sam proud. The scene starts with pretty Sinsacion asking Raven if she works out. If she doesn't, she's going to get a real workout right now. You gotta warm up before every workout, so pretty Sinsacion gets the blood flowing by manalaging Raven's anal and then turns around for some anus-cheek poppin'. Xena can't be left out of all the fun, though. While the other two were playing, she was makin' sure she had a couple of dudes to fill her hungry cunt. Y'all are in here anal-have intercoursein', she said. I found me a lil' sausage to go with my bun. A couple of hung studs who are ready to be served up three helpings of phat anus walk into their barracks. These three Big-anus bitches must have been in dick withdrawal, because they have intercourse like they haven't had a sweet piece of meat in a minute. Oh yeah, have intercourse me soldier boy, Raven says as one stud beasts on her cunt doggie-style. If there's one thing a soldier knows how to do, it's follow orders. sweet thing, because these chicks can't get enough. They're poppin' cunt and sweatin' like they can't get enough sexin'. fucked me like you want a promotion, pretty Sinsacion screams. They do want promotions, and show their eagerness by dropping huge nuts on pretty Sinsacion and Xena's anales and onto Raven's face. That's what we call an honorable discharge.See More of Xena at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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