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Coree Monroe was 20 years old when she debuted in the June 1996 issue of . Coree was already stripping when she approached feature dancer Traci Topps at the Deja Vu club in Nashville, Tennessee. I was nervous about talking to her but Traci was so nice! Coree told 's editor. Traci helped arrange Coree's pathway to photo-modeling. This is the coolest thing! I love it and I really owe it all to Traci. Dancing and posing are the craziest things I've ever done. I'd told my friends I was posing naked for and they were like, 'Nooo! I can't believe it. That's not you.' I told them, 'Don't be so sure. Every woman can do it.' You just have to want to. Believe me, I do. Coree also did a girl-girl shoot with superstar SaRenna Lee, a magnetic girl who put a spell on every person she came in contact with. Coree was no exception. See More of Coree Monroe at CLASSICS.COM!

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