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Ines The maid We all knew maids could be horny, but just how horny was always the question. Well, Ms. Ines Cudna puts the question to rest. Wouldn't you like to walk in on a maid like Ines, getting down to busIness with her pink pal You can watch her spread...the bed, that is, and fluff the pillows. Who knows, maybe she'll do a little fluffing and spreading of her own But, it's a nice thing they don't make maids this damn fine. We wouldn't want her to break up a happy home...or would weSee More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYInesCUDNA.COM!

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Teenage Teaser's Layout After sending in several photos taken at home, 18-year-old Winona Lind appeared in the April 1995 edition of , in a feature for amateur hopefuls called Homebodies. Few girls made the leap to an actual photo layout simply because they didn't have voluminous enough boobs. Winona made that leap. Winona had real girl-next-door looks with 36DD tits and a thick bush. The publisher and staff of saw promise in this curvy teen and invited her to model. Winona flew to England where she was tutored every step of the way by director of photography John Graham. He can be heard in the unedited video of this workout, oiling and masturbation. Don't take any notice of me, he tells Winona as she pedals away on the stationery bicycle. This was more than a modeling session. Winona got a pleasant workout with weights too, and, in the video, lots of healthy oiling. See More of Winona Lind at CLASSICS.COM!

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