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Lustful katie In pvc Here's a Sex queen we bowed down to during the big '90s. katie takes the throne, dressed for a night of clubbing in London. She may have done that later in the evening after she took off her clothes for this photo shoot. The hot and charming Brit on Boob Cruise #3 in 1997 was always big fun. Always happy, always laughing, always tittering, always smiling, even with a banana in her mouth. We'd watch her walk up the spiral staircase and bounce down the staircase on the Yankee Clipper yacht over and over again for a full week. She was often fully naked or in a skimpy swimsuit. How many pictures of katie did the passengers shoot that week Thousands. We bet most of the guys still have them over twenty years later. There was her three-way with Carrie and Monique in March '97 Voluptuous. A girl-girl with Vanessa in Dec. '98 V-mag. It was a studio recreation of the on-deck 69 she did with her shipmate Vanessa on the Cruise. Then there were two other V-mag covers katie posed for with her trademark short hair style: June '96 and August '97. See More of katie at CLASSICS.COM!

Sex kitten On A swing vagina lovely was curious about a round, suspended chair made of clear plastic that could swing. She wanted to do a photo shoot with it. Our photographer let her swing as long as she wanted. A girl with a bold, fuck-me gaze who knows how to dress the way guys want to see big-boobed girls dress, vagina picked out a pair of tight shorts and a see-through blouse over a bra for this pictorial. And heels. vagina loves to wear high heels as much as possible. I am a very shy person. You may not think so. I am too shy for Sex in public. I am not into girls. I don't care for bottom Sex. I don't have an interest in kinky things. I just like romantic Sex, normal Sex. vagina's boobs began their journey of growth when she was 13 and it looks like they're still growing. It might be wishful thinking but her boobs look bigger than they were when she first appeared at . It's so difficult to buy bras in Romania that fit me well. I always wear a bra when I am not home. When I am in my house, I usually do not wear one. See More of vagina lovely at .COM!

Work Of artist Occupation: artist; Age: 24; Born: February 8; Ht: 5'7; Wt: 118 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Victoria's Secret; Anal: Licking only; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Duh. Penelope describes herself as a jack of all trades. I graduated from art school with an interest in photography, but I also did set design for local plays, so I know how to build just about anything. I apprenticed for a tattoo artist for a bit, but I decided I didn't want to do that. I'm still trying to sort out what I want to do. I did a series of nude self-portraits last year and a bloke who bought one asked me if I was interested in shooting some more risque shots. That's how I found you guys! I don't always keep my fanny this hairy, but I would say that I have a little bit of fur more often than not. I have shaved myself bare before, but I don't like it. It makes me look too young. A real woman has hair on her pussy.See More of Penelope at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Booty missile For A busty Bimbo After Joey have intercourses Angelina Verdi's butt from behind, he gives her his tool to lick and mutters, Come taste your butt. How does your butt taste Then Joey have intercourses Angelina's mouth. Sports fans may recall the famous Youtube video of Shaq O'Neal rapping his Kobe Bryant song, Kobe, tell me how my butt tastes Angelina Verdi is a big-boobed woman who knows exactly what she wants a man to do to her and she dresses to display her tits. She likes dudes with cruel wood that she can pick up and take home, and if she's have Sex to her liking, she'll have intercourse him again in the morning. Joey arrives to pay a lot of lip service to her nipples and boobs. Angelina lip-smacks him back with her mouth and long tongue, sucks him like a pro. He straddles her chest so she can give him a healthy tit-job. Joey licks her clit and vagina to wet her for easy insertion of his pocket-pork. They have intercourse, and while she screws him on top, tells him to stick his tool in her butt. See More of Angelina Verdi at .COM!

Mystery Girl We don't know much about Ava. She sent in these photos with some legal paperWork saying we could publish it any way we want. We appreciate that. So, as an intro to her personality, we at least know that she's considerate. Here's more of what we do know about her. She's only 18, and she dresses casually in jean shorts and a tank top. Here, she wears a pink thong that barely hides her pink kitty and graceful asshole. When she finally takes her panties off, her bald, wet snatch is yearning for her toys. We hope Ava sends in more photos, but we're not holding our breath. We're willing to bet that she's a one-and-done girl.See More of Ava May at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Daniella Grey in the great Girl Strip Club Daniella Grey is one of the most-popular girls at the great Girl Strip Club and this glimpse into the private Boom Boom Room explains why. Mr. X is a regular and enjoys the action little hottie Daniella gives him. She gives me a hard-on that will not go down, declares Mr. X, who raves about Daniella to every customer within earshot. This lap dance fan goes to BGSC once a week to savor Daniella's incredible dances, her balls-deep suc jobs, her huge boobs on a tiny, lovely body and her sweet, tight pussy. Her tight ass, oh, yeah. Every city should have a BGSC with thick strippers. Why do all the strip clubs we know about only have skinny strippers with very little tit-flesh who look like they all came out of the same factory Where are all the strip clubs with chubbies and plumpers Don't they hire any Do none of them apply for stripper jobs It's a shame. See More of Daniella Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!

Blonde Bush When all the other girls are shaving their twats, Chloe is proud to be natural! Chloe is comfortable in her own skin. She's proud of her sophisticated tits and wouldn't have them any other way. She also likes having a bush and not giving into the pressures of society to be totally shaved. We shouldn't be ashamed to have pubic hair. It's natural. It's inviting and Sexy. And although I couldn't care less about what's popular, I think pubes are making a big comeback. What do you like the most about having a little bush That it just feels like it's me. It's a part of who I am. I'd feel naked without my blonde little bush. I also love how soft and fluffy it is. And apparently, so do the guys who I hook up with! They have no problem licking my fuzzy slit for a long time. They tell me how appealing and soft it feels against their faces. Have you ever shaved yourself completely bald Yes, I was bald down there for a while. It's what most girls do so I thought it was what was expected of me. It was very soft but I hated the maintenance and how my cunt would feel itchy if the hair grew out. I can't say that I'll never do it again, because who knows But for now I'm fully enjoying my pubes and how low maintenance they are. They make me feel womanly. See More of Chloe Couture at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

Autumn And Chloe Autumn learned a lot about pussy loving when she was teamed with the incredibly built and bosomy Chloe Vevrier, Die G'ttin von Deutschland (The Goddess of Germany). This pictorial was shot back-to-back with their video segment of the best selling Bosom Buddies #2. Chloe is a strict schoolteacher and student Autumn is her dinner. Chloe loves pookie, the pinker the better, and she loves to sucks on nipples. curvy Autumn fit the menu perfectly. Just seeing them wearing these superSexy outfits alone is enough to raise the Titanic. This pictorial was originally published in April 2000 curvy Magazine, now sold out. Another Teutonic tit queen, Julia Miles, made her debut in this issue.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!

A Booty-ful Roze One day, we're going to put on our first bad-bitch contest. And when it happens, we fully expect Cherise Roze to be among the chicks poppin' and twerkin' their Anuses in hopes of finishing in first place. Cherise is built like a dude's dream girl: 44-28 and 52 booty-ful inches of Anus that keep you from looking anywhere else. We're not sure if Cherise was actually born or if she randomly sprang into bad existence one day to please men everywhere. Either way, our boy Rocky is gonna have his hands full, and that's the way he likes it. She's got 52 inches of Anus, and she knows how to use every inch. I love dancing, she said If I have one talent, it's that I can clap and bounce my Anus cheeks one at a time. Guys seem to like that. You're damn right we do. And Rocky definitely does, too. He worships every angle of that Anus before she drops it low and goes to Work on his dick. That's just a little taste for Rocky. Cherise likes to be filled with dick, but they don't call our boy Rocky for nothing. He bangs her pussy out and gives Cherise the have Sexual intercourse of a lifetime. I like when Sex starts slow, she said. Start off with some slow grinding and then have Sexual intercourse the shit out of me. I like when a man knows how to Work it. See More of Cherise Roze at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

South American Superwoman What Shara Lopez is wearing in this pictorial is what she'd wear leaving her house to go roller-blading or some other outdoor activity. No surprise that the sight of Shara makes people freeze as they check out her spectacular body. She is often asked if she's a model. Seriously, how many women have a rack like this Trust us, not many. I am a very Sexual woman, Shara proudly said. When I was 16 years old, I was scared that I was not going to have charming breasts. I worried about this. Then, suddenly, they began to grow and grow. And now look at them. I love them because they are so big. I have names for them. The right one is called Maria and the left one is Angie. It's obvious that Shara takes pretty care of Angie, the slightly bigger of the two, and Maria. That's what bosom buddies are for. See More of Shara Lopez at .COM!