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Roxi's breast fruit In 1999, the Tesco supermarket chain asked its suppliers to grow smaller melons after focus groups revealed that people subconsciously bought melons based on social trends in boob sizes. Smaller tits were popular at the time. Melon sales soared. Roxi Red came back from the supermarket with juicy fruits but not the size she was looking for. She just couldn't find any melons that measured up to her own enormous, juicy tits. Three of those melons could fit into one of Roxi's bra cups. Our photographer would have had to carry any melon as big and as big as one of Roxi's melons. Roxi's tits measured a double K-cup the last time she had them checked out. They look closer to a triple-K. One of the bustiest natural wonders of the world, 20-Club member Roxi took that extra step when she did her first bum sex...she bought a bum plug the night before to prepare. Before that scene, she said, This is all kinda new to me. I've had bum sex before. You just have to be slow and cautious with me. I'm very tight there. I've tried it in cowgirl position and also on my side. I like it best if my cunt is played with at the same time. See More of Roxi Red at .COM!

Rainy days With ines always Get Us Up The photographer said to ines, I want you to put on your pajamas and put your hair in pigtails. Today you will lounge around your bedroom. It's Rainy outside and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. The phone is not ringing. So you will stay in your bedroom today. ines did as instructed without hesitation. Now ines, I want you to stand up and slowly take off your jammas and show your inviting tits, he said. That's right, ines. And when you get completely nude, I want you to examine your body, every inch of it. You'll bend over to show your ass. Soon, you'll be opening up your pussy and pulling on your lips. Pull them as far as you can. And so it happened.See More of ines Cudna at BUSTYinesCUDNA.COM!

Hands-On Lesson Ms. Maxx is a lascivious science teacher who spends a lot of Hands-on time getting her lesson plans together. She is teaching her class about anatomy, so when the bell rings she explores her own. Starting with her peds she slowly removes her stockings and then starts rubbing her pussy. It's a beautiful thing that school is out for the day because this retro vixen works herself over right on her desk! If you spent your school days gazing at your teacher's stockings and garter belts, then Ms. Maxx is guaranteed to help you cum. It's easy to be hot for teacher when she looks this hot!See More of Audrey Maxx at LEGSEX.COM!

Close Encounters of the Mega-Boobed Kind Role model to many Girls such as Elizabeth Starr and Sandra Star, Minka stays super-slim with constant tennis playing and practice. We've seen her destroy the toughest male and female opponents. : You said you like small dicks. What about a gang bang with small dicks Minka: One guy with a small dick! One is fine! I like one-on-one. I have a small mouth and a small pussy. : What's really lustful to you Minka: Very heavy tits on a small body. : What is the worst thing a guy can say to a woman. Minka: Call her a bitch. : Has the fetish world ever interested you Minka: No, I'm not interested in kinky things much.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!

Florida Girl I think that I'm your typical Florida girl, covergirl Riley told us. Having fun, partying, going to music festivals-that's what I'm all about. Now that I'm 21 and can go to bars, it's like a whole other world has opened up for me. Tampa has a ton of strip clubs and I love going there to watch the girls dance! I debated doing an amateur set once or twice, but I'm kind of a clutz! I'm a total spaz when it comes to dating. I try to act ladylike, but then I'll end up having too many drinks, and I'll start making really bad jokes. But, I sometimes put out on the first date, so that makes up for it, right I'm much more comfortable when I'm naked. I think my local pizza place has me marked in their system as a nudist. Whenever I get a delivery, the guys are there within fifteen minutes.See More of Riley Star at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Selfie slut Carolina, do you take lots of nude pics Yes. My phone was full of them even before I was ever in your magazine. In fact, taking all those nude pictures is what inspired me to shoot at your studio! What do you like about taking pics It's fun and it makes me feel lascivious. It's one thing to see yourself naked in the mirror, but it's another thing to see a naked picture or video of yourself. It's kind of rough to see what your ass looks like so I would take pictures of my pussy and anus to see if they were cute. lovely thing that they are! Do you send your naked pics to boys Sometimes, but not without teasing them first. I'll send them a cleavage shot or something lascivious that doesn't show everything. Then if they seem horny enough and send me a charming cock pic I'll return the favor and send a pic of my pussy.See More of Carolina Sweets at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!

Czech Mate The first time in my life I had sex, the man was five years older than me, Laurella said. It was quick but good. Now, I like sex to be longer and with more positions and more licking. Once, I gave a boyfriend a blow job on a train. There were people around but I didn't care! I surrounded his dick with my boobs and sucked on the head until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop because I love the taste and smell of cum. I had a fantasy about having sex with other men so I went to a swingers' party. I had sex with men and women while other people sat and watched. It was wonderful. I think I like multiple partners now. It is more satisfying. I like inviting guys who keep in shape. I like a man to give me oral sex, and sometimes when I feel very daring, I like to do things in public with a boyfriend. See More of Laurella at XLGIRLS.COM!

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If all nurses were like Roxy, nobody would ever get better, but everybody would get off. I think my best attribute is my mouth, Roxy said. I love watching a guy's reaction when I give head. The only type of porn movies I watch are blowjob job movies. But most guys would say my analy is my best attribute, especially when I'm sitting on their faces. I love sitting on a guy's face and getting head from the back. Roxy loves riding cock, too. We think her best feature is that she's a slut who loves to fuck. And give head. She's the Head Nurse. The anal Nurse, too.See More of Roxy Reynolds at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!