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A new, young maid turns up to clean Mr. tony's place. He's not home. She is movin' to the music on her ipod as she starts to clean the room, but the heat and the music make her horny, and, quick as you can say floor mop, she's bum naked and on the bed with her hand buried in her wet cunt. She's working away on herself when-you guessed it-Mr. tony comes home. He's pissed, then intrigued, then ready to fuck...all in about 10 seconds, and, like any guy would do, he's soon fingering and licking the maid's pussy. He gets his dick sucked, then fucks the horny babe every which way and gives her anal a ejaculate bath.See More of Paola Vega at BONEDATHOME.COM!

They say that heartbreak can be the biggest inspiration. In this case, a breakup letter from her boyfriend inspired Ally to gulps her teacher. Her now ex-boyfriend said she couldn't gulp cock, and Ally set out to prove him wrong. And who better to do it with than her teacher Looks like her ex didn't know what he was talking about, because Ally is all about crawling on top of teach's desk and gulping him off. And for being such a beautiful pupil, he gives her a lickin' and stickin' that Ally's little ex could never compete with. She goes from a break up to make up sex...with another guy!See More of Ally Ann at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!

Amber Lynn Bach is the Girl From S.E.X. Amber is an industrial spy. She's gotten a job at a company that has a file her secret handlers want. It's Amber's job to get it without getting nailed. She arranges to meet the boss of the company at his home to go over a presentation but it's really to get access to his computer. The boss is always glad to have a excited employee over to his place. But he's not naive so his home is wired for surveillance. When Amber arrives, she tells the boss she will set up the presentation on his computer but she's really loading up a flash drive that she'll stick in her deep cleavage until she can get away. The best laid plans go bad when the boss confronts Amber. He saw what she did on-camera with the flash drive and grabs her, ripping her blouse off her ample chest and grabbing the drive. There's only one way for Miss Bach to get out of this trap and that's by have sexual intercourse her way out. But the boss has already decided that it's going to happen anyway. Amber drops to her knees and sucks his joint, her expert lips and tongue doing a dance on his dick. The boss roughly escorts her to a nearby couch to have sexual intercourse her hard, not that it will change her spying eyes. It would be no surprise if the boss lets her keep her job anyway considering what a hot lay she is and how well she fills out a bra. Amber was supposed to get the file and not get nailed. She didn't get the file and she got nailed. It's a dirty game.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at .COM!

Eleuthera Island was the backdrop for Terry in this photo set and matching video taken during big Boob Paradise week. editor Dave was there and kept both eyes on Terry, observing how the Czech sweetheart affected everyone: Eleuthera is a big island with not a lot of people, so it's possible to be on a beach for hours and not see a single person. On the other hand, the beach house in which we were based and the portion of the island on which we shot was directly across an inlet from one of the most populated sections of Eleuthera, Spanish Wells. The girls (Angela White, Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks and Gianna Rossi) were all amazed by Terry's figure: huge, full tits; a big, bangable ass; thick, curvy thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. 'Built like a brick shithouse' might be a cliché, but it's an appropriate description of Terry's body. I caught Angela White drooling over her several times.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

Daylene Rio is not just craved by large-tit fiends. Her busty culo attracts the caboose crowd too, especially in recent years. Daylene says her bum, not her tits, is her best feature, and she wears the tightest dresses to back her up. In the battle of the butts, we'll take Daylene over Kim K. any day. Lap dancer, porn star and cam-girl, Daylene's proud of the effect she has on guys, which is the power to transform a man from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. When magazine editor Dave saw Daylene in the dressing room a couple of visits ago, he said she said to him Hi, Dave, I gained seven pounds, and I think it all went to my breasts and my bum. Dave figured her large tits were a G-cup or possibly an H. When he walked into the studio another time, he wrote, That's when I saw how much largeger and rounder her bum is. Her cunt was full of cock, but all I could concentrate on were those large, round, bouncing mounds of bum flesh. Here the focus is mainly on Daylene's bodacious badonkadonk and how she blows tony's mind and his load in a jiggling, wiggling and twerking bum-fest of frenzied fucking.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

Age: 19; Born: May 3; Ht: 5'6; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Usually none, but I do like Cheekies; Anal: No; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes. I have a very sensitive clit. Born in Ohio and now currently residing in Florida, Febe is as close to fresh off the bus as one can get. She responded to an online ad and the next day we had her stripping off her clothes in front of the camera for the first time in her life. You won't find pictures of Febe anywhere else...for now, at least. We're afraid we may have given Febe a taste of the pretty life. I had so much fun shooting the jerk-off photos for you guys, Febe told us. I was unsure if I was going to do hardcore, but you guys convinced me to give it a shot. That's right, gents. We talked Febe into have sexual intercourse J-Mac. Those photos and the video are orgasm next week. We're rushing the video editors right now! I was afraid everybody who works in porn would be gross and old and ugly, but you guys were so nice! And J-Mac was actually hot! I kind of forgot the cameras were there because he was have sexual intercourse me so pretty. Stay tuned, friends! We have Febe's solo video orgasm tomorrow and her hardcore orgasm next weekend.See More of Febe Marie at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

I think it's important for a woman to get dressed up and do something special for her man, says bulbous-bootied Keita Eden. I like to put on some exciting lingerie and chill some champagne and wait for my man to get home from a long day at work. Then I like to let him relax by putting his heavy cock in my mouth until it's pretty and heavy and ready to stuff in my juicy pussy. Of course, I don't mind if my man wants to get himself a taste of my cute anal, either. He can lick it and finger it and then slide his considerable thang all up in my anal and pound me until I cum. I like for sex to start off as titillating and erotic and then build up into some nasty, heavycore fuckin'. That's how I want it, daddy. I'll dress up so you can cock me down.See More of Keita Eden at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

Follow country girl Milly Marks as she walks to the barn. She's not going in for any chores. And get calluses on her charming hands Forget it. Milly has better things to do, you betcha. She needs to play with her great, juicy jumbos and give herself the finger. Life for the other farmhands will never be the same. Finding boob hats (aka bras) is no easy chore for girls stacked like young Milly, who is up for both curvy Newcomer of the Year and XXX Performer of the Year. It's been a year since Milly did her first photo shoot. I usually wear a 36H bra, whatever I can find, but I know I'm greatger than that because I'm always spilling out of them, Milly said. I can also sometimes fit into double-Hs. It's rough because the ones with really great cups are always too great around. I really need a 34, but 36 is going to have to work. The ones with the really great cups are usually 40 inches around. I should probably go get a custom fitting. It's tough because I'm small around my rib cage and I have small shoulders. See More of Milly Marks at .COM!

I literally woke up one day and had double-Ds, Toni Evans told Linzi Drew, the wife of British porn producer Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup bra. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and everything. Toni was at the famous strip club Stringfellows when she met Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Linsey suggested Toni try modeling. After that, Toni's career moved like lightning. She's amassed a staggering list of credits and filmed all over the UK and the continent. Uninhibited to the max, Toni would do everything from DPs to giant orgies. Her sex drive became legendary with porn producers and consumers. I think my first shoot was a normal topless shoot for The Sport newspaper. I hated posing for those photos. I'd come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I wasn't like one of these girls who'd be going around flashing my breasts everywhere, but I would always wear the most-provocative, the most-see-through outfit I could get away with. See More of Toni Evans at CLASSICS.COM!

The fantasy cumshot true. The stacked maid wet dream! We've been waiting patiently to post this pictorial. How many years have we all fantasized seeing Kerry's bazooms spilling out of a French maid's costume Since the beginning of her career! busty Kerry Marie's new position as your personal house maid. You need never leave the house again. Look how carefully KM cleans the bedroom and how she treats your boxers with reverence and love. KM's also checking for stains to see if you're cheating on her. We advise against it. Why ruin a lovely thingSee More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!