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Kerry And Lorna
One of two pictorials lensed early in Kerry's modeling career, this shoot was produced in Algarve, Portugal in a villa that was the location for the video On Location Portugal and curvy Euro Babes. Kerry and her beautiful mate Lorna Morgan are sensational-looking, and while it is not a true girl-girl in the strictest sense of the term, it is still a very boobalicious experience. Kerry and Lorna would bond again in the videos On Location Key Largo and Bouncing tits (not on DVD but available as a web download in More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!

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Ginger babe
Khloe Lust was brand-new, a ginger-haired girl-next-door from south Florida, when she debuted in 2013. She was 22 years old, measured 44 inches around her chest and wore a 40DD bra. That tattoo "Semper ad Meliora" on Khloe's left shoulder is Latin for "Always towards better things." Since she's a Florida native, Khloe spends a lot of time at the beach.

"Most of my shirts are low-cut," Khloe said. "I usually buy my bras off the rack and wear one all the time except when I'm sleeping."

Khloe said she uses toys to masturbate, or she'll rub one out with her fingers if she doesn't have a dildo handy. Even though I wrote that she's the girl-next-door, that doesn't mean she doesn't get freaky. I always say, watch out for those girls-next-door, or GNDs, as I call them. She likes getting tied up and handcuffed to a bed and she's made out with other girls in the bathroom. Her interest in having sex outdoors was zero. But that was then and girls change.

As it turned out, Khloe did only a few shoots, so this was a fling just to try nude modeling. She seemed like the type who wants one boyfriend and doesn't date different guys. So doing porn was a voluminous move for her. She did one XXX hardcore fuck scene right after this. An older, very experienced stud had the honors of busting her porn cherry.
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Harmony White Does It Right
Harmony White debuted at SCORELAND on New Year's Day, 2013. She was a MyFreeCams model in the online world and a bartender in the real world. Our studio connected with her through Twitter. Harmony posed in solo shoots, did a breasts & tugs scene and then tried XXX boy-girl. She moved away from Miami a few years ago and only recently did we hear from her about wanting to model again. Welcome back, Harmony White.

SCORELAND: What prompted your move from Miami?

Harmony White: Actually I am soon on my way back to Miami because I just can't get enough of the beach and pleasant people.

SCORELAND: Do you have any funny habits?

Harmony White: I wash my hair a lot!

SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Harmony White: I hate to carry a purse, so yes! You can find just about anything in there.

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On Location Prague: Orgy
Our man was in Prague to shoot a bunch of Czech lovelies with big, natural natural tits and pleasant faces. Girls who would have sexual intercourse on-camera like they were have sexual intercourseing off-camera. He wanted to film a four girl orgy with studs but the fourth girl never appeared. He had Terry Nova, Marille and Angelina ready and willing. He was about to phone home and wrap it up. Then the message came in. Forget the fourth girl. Proceed with three.

In this case, three is not a crowd. Neither is five when he calls the two Czech studs over to the house and the orgy breaks out in full as he films it. The tit action is intense and so is the have sexual intercourseing. The girls get banged like there's no tomorrow and take huge loads in their mouths and on their violent breasts.See More of Angelina Vallem at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

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First FuXXX
When Eva Notty hit SCORE for the first time, reaction was swift and Jeff's email to SCORECard's letter forum is a good example of the mail that came in. "I can't get enough of Eva Notty! She is absolutely stunning! Does she have any more video or photo shoots orgasm out? She's the main reason I check the site each day, just to see if she has anything new! Keep her on deck! She's a knockout!" So all of you should find reason to rejoice because here's Eva's first full-sex scene! After you see the video and check out the photos, you'll agree. This babe loves to have sexual intercourse and she's got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! She's not a sex machine, she's a sex goddess!
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Busty Bathtime
With her platinum blonde hair and dangerous curves, Tiffany Towers has inspired every kind of dirty fantasy in her fans' minds. But even the most sexual of muses needs to ejaculate clean sometimes. That's why we are joining Tiffany in the jacuzzi tub, where she likes to let the jets of water swirl around her nipples and between her legs. Little by little, she loses herself in the immense delight and soon she is laying back, legs opened wide, and moaning in ecstasy as the jets of warm water take her over the edge and she ejaculates. Bathtime just got a whole lot hornier. See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!

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That PVC Shine with Linsey
Linsey poses for a pictorial in Miami called "That PVC Shine with Linsey", wearing a fetish outfit and kinky, pointy boots against a minimalist backdrop. Watching LDM pose for the photographer is a reminder of how considerable she is on the set and what anatomy control she has.
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Slammed in the Subway
Commuting to and fro on public transportation sucks. Let's face it, you are cramped into small spaces with less-than-pleasant smelling folks and you are forced to listen to their babble and their complaints while you pray that the next stop is yours so you can get off and be freed from your transport prison. And no matter what you do, the total suck-factor of commuting this way will not improve. While we cannot make your transit experience better, what if we suggested that you get to bone a busty, anal-loving whore the minute you got off the subway? What if you could get off, and then, get off in a tight booty right after? Sounds plenty good, huh? Well, while we can't promise that this will become implemented in subways all over the USA, what we can say is that it happens, so have faith. You check out this hooker getting porked in an empty subway terminal and we will start working on recruiting more working girls to give up their arse tunnels in the subway tunnels. Enjoy!
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Classic SCORE Girl
Lisa Chest originally called herself Lisa Gazombas. Boob-oriented modeling and stage names are still used today ("Tiggle Bitties," 'Liza greatgs" and "Micky Bells" are a few current examples.) In the great '90s, when SCORE began publishing, boob names were everywhere.

Lisa told TSG editor Bruce Arthur that she changed her stage surname to Chest because many club managers couldn't pronounce "Gazombas." This was the era of voluminous hair, mega-boobs and trained dancers who traveled the club circuit. Many of them sported some bush, always well-trimmed like Lisa's.

SCORE filmed Lisa in the Bahamas during a 1992 photo shoot that also included Chloe Vevrier and Savannah Staxxx. This video was shot in California. Lisa's first pictorial was published in November 1992. Readers were impressed. Among her tasty treats were her voluminous tan-lined boobs capped by wide areolae. She has a scene in the DVD, The Greatest great Bust Video Ever 1.

Reader C.T. wrote, "I recently met Miss Lisa Chest (aka Lisa Gazombas) at the Deja Vu Showbar here in Toledo, Ohio. In fact, I brought her a dozen roses when she was there. She moved about on stage like a wildcat in a frenzy, and made me glad that I was there to watch her stellar performance. My hat's off to the cute lass." Unfortunately for C.T., that was all he got to take off.

Lisa's career was relatively short. By 1995, she'd exited from dancing and modeling. A few years ago, someone claimed Lisa was going to make a comeback, but that never materialized. I didn't believe him anyway.

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Demmy"s tits Will Give You Fits
Demmy Blaze wears a 34H bra and likes to buy British-made brassieres because they feel better and fit her amazing, huge natural tits better than the bras made in other countries. She likes soft-cup sports bras for the gym to keep them from bouncing too much when she jumps and runs. When she goes out, she wears push-up bras that raise "em high and stick "em out. A wonderful thing.

In this Bonus video, Demmy talks bras--her English is very good--and tries on some bras she brought from home. She measures her natural tits and areolae too after peeling off her SCORE tank top.

This SCORELAND video is why guys become surveillance officers in lingerie stores but rarely would they ever get to see a girl with a natural rack like Demmy on their monitors.

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