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Pleasant girl/bad girl roommates This is the story of two girls who live together. One girl is a conservative-looking girl. The other has a Goth look. They both have huge, natural breasts and bodies so hot you could toast bread on their asses. Plus, they both possess violent appetites for sex. It made perfect sense for them to live together. On a sunny day, Scarlet LaVey and Nikki Smith are enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. Scarlet is tending to personal chores. Nikki is hanging out on the living room couch with a new friend who may luck into becoming a potential booty-call. The couple get chummy fast. He loves voluminous breasts and Nikki has plenty of that Lovely stuff to suck, squeeze and lick. When Pike gets an eyeful of Scarlet, he gets as lascivious for her as he did for Nikki. Little does he know that he's going to be blessed and is holding the winning ticket for the voluminous-boob lotto. Nikki can tell that he's hot for Scarlet. But she is the generous sort and loves to share. What Pike doesn't know is that Nikki and Scarlett suck, lick and finger-bang each other, and more, when the mood strikes. There's no jealousy between them...a Lovely thing for this dude, so they decide to double-team Pike. When they take out their enormous, perfectly shaped hooters, his eyes pop out like a cartoon character. His hands and mouth will be full of tasty ta-tas today! The ultimate male Fantasy is right at hand. The girls take turns gulp on his rough sausage, jerking it, licking the head, filling their mouths and feeding it to each other like it's a lollipop. Sharing is caring. He make loves their deep cleavage when they're not stuffing his pocket pork down their throats. The girls' excitement builds as his tool-train drives through their titty-tunnels. Nikki licks and tool sucking Scarlet's nipples and cunt. Scarlet licks and tool sucking Nikki's nipples and cunt. Scarlet licks Nikki's cunt while she tool sucking off Pike. Nikki licks Pike's balls while Scarlet tool sucking his tool head. They swap tongues and spit. When Pike starts to make love each girl, her roomie is right there to lick cunt or nipples. Their moans and groans of delight fill the room as the make loveing continues. The moral of this story is that girls who hang together bang together.See More of Nikki Smith at XLgirlS.COM!

Fantasy boob Star Amy Anderssen is a Fantasy boob Star. She is like an Otis Sweat painting come to life and she has all of her sex moves down to perfection. It wasn't overnight as Amy explained. I was such a tomboy, Amy admitted. I was a virgin until I was 20. I gave a few blowjob jobs. I never had a boyfriend. I was afraid of boys. Here's the crazy thing about me, I would go online and research porn and strippers, and I was still a virgin, but I had seen that lady with the implants, and I thought, 'I'm going to get those implants and do this.' I had a plan. After I got my implants, and I was still a virgin, I went into a strip club in Canada called Danny's. It was where all these hot guys danced. It's no longer there. I picked out one stripper and said, 'You're orgasm home with me,' and that's when I lost my virginity. My friends said, 'You're not going to do that,' and I said, 'Watch. It's happening right now. He knew I was a virgin. I told him. I don't remember how the sex was. It was whatever. He did what he had to do. Born for porn, Amy finally found her calling, the call of the cock.See More of Amy Anderssen at .COM!

That Busty, excited Spanish Teacher Miss Daylene Rio is a dedicated Spanish-language instructor in an adult-education class. She is devoted to teaching her students how to speak perfect Spanish. Excellence is in her DNA as well as a few other choice assets. Most of her students are equally dedicated except for a few incorrigible examples more interested in trying to lay pipe with the teacher than master the language. On this day, one of them is getting some special solo tutoring from Miss Rio. He unexpectedly grabs Miss Rio's culo (ass) which shocks her momentarily. Then he grabs her grandes tetas hermosas (huge, appealing tits). That shocks Miss Rio again. But she is not that shocked. Miss Rio could use some action and she knows that Johnny delivers the prettys, or so she's heard from the other teachers in the building. For starters, Daylene gets her giant cantaloupes worshipped, sucked and fucked. She's quickly undressed and discovers that getting screwed by her student's oversized cock on the rough wood of her own desk is actually an educational experience for her. Daylene's had a lot of experience but never in her classroom. It's a pretty thing the building is empty because all of Miss Rio's screams--as his rod impales her concha (pussy)--would result in students and faculty bursting into the classroom! Miss Rio forgets to continue her Spanish lesson while she's getting fucked. She could have multi-tasked and kept the Spanish lesson going as she rode him. However, education can wait until they both orgasm and her big pechos are dripping with hot sauce.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

The Cashier's Clam Occupation: Cashier; Age: 21; Born: March 21; Ht: 5'4; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Cheekies or thongs; Anal: I've never done it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Occasionally. My boyfriend has been begging me to shoot pictures with him for the longest time, Kay informed us. I told him that if he took me on a world-class date, I'd do it. Well, he pulled out all the stops, so here I am. My boyfriend and I work at a grocery store. Our managers get pissed because we flirt on the floor all the time. If they knew that we have intercourse in the stockroom and the parking lot before work, they'd probably fire us! My favorite thing about my body is my tits. I was flat for the longest time, then they suddenly came in, and that got all of the boys' attention! See More of Kay J at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Tan Lined Miami Beach Babe Being a resident of Miami Beach, Florida during the early 1990s, Taylor Marie was usually in a bikini and suntanning at the beach during the day, stripping and lap dancing in a local club at night. And after dancing was done for the night, she was out partying. All of that sunny beach time resulted in a tawny body with white tits and a white triangle below the belt. The contrast was beautiful. There are so many models, singers and actors running around here, a nude model like me doesn't get a whole lot of attention, Taylor said to a TSG editor on a phone call. Most of the time, when I'm hanging out at South Beach, drinking at Penrods or partying at Bar None, nobody recognizes me. Most of the time they just gravitate to these babies her tits but that's cool. I love it when guys go for my breasts. See More of Taylor Marie at CLASSICS.COM!

Creamy tits One of Britain's prettiest and sexiest full-figured foxes, Georgina Gee is not dressed for a walk around Hull, her hometown. She's wearing a little number meant for indoor activities of the lusty kind. While playing with her great, big, ripe hooters and shaved vagina, Georgina turns out to be a cupcake masher in the messy tradition of British sploshing and splodging. She does have some very tasty cakes. XL girls: Do you have any special talents apart from those huge tits of yours Georgina: I can make my tits do the helicopter. XL girls: Do you have any sexual fantasies you can tell us about Georgina: I like to do stuff in public. I like to be watched. I think that's what gets me off about doing this and the webcams. XL girls: Are you sexually assertive Georgina: No. I'm passive. I'll usually let a guy have his way with me. XL girls: Favorite position Georgina: Doggy, definitely. tits hanging down, guy penetrating me deep from behind. So good! XL girls: You said you like to be fingered. Georgina: I like it a lot. You can get me off just by fingering my vagina for a while. See More of Georgina Gee at XLgirlS.COM!

Lipstick Nipples If any Romanian bra shops need a catalog model, they couldn't do better than super-curvy Helen star, slightly older sister of Erin. Some have asked if the Star sisters are real sisters. Yes, they are and they live together too. They are the very best of friends, share all of their secrets and there's no sibling rivalry in this family. It was a big day when they decided to show off their spectacular bodies for the first time and another big day when they decided to share their bounteous bosoms at . Helen primps in the mirror that faces her bed. She applies red lipstick and lip gloss to make her lips even more kissable and moist than they already are. Her lips now match her red bra, panties and heels. Helen is ready to make you happy and give herself enjoyment while she's doing it. See More of Helen Star at .COM!

Screw The Yard Sale! Hopeful Ann is setting up a yard sale in her front yard. But as her first potential customer-a bit of a stud-tells her bluntly, she is selling crap. But could Ann suddenly have something else in mind She invites the guy inside to see something else she has for sale, and takes him to her bedroom where she retrieves a hummingbird sex toy from her nightstand. He says he might be interested in buying it, but he doesn't really know how it works. So, Ann gives him a demonstration that gets her hot and, of course, leads to some intense cock blowjob and heavy-duty fucking. Ann does get a facial salute... but no sale.See More of Ann Parker at BONEDATHOME.COM!

From Bored To Boned I was so bored waiting for this bus. And you know when you're bored your mind starts to wander. Well, mine did and I started thinking about sex. I was like, 'Damn, I wouldn't mind suc a tool right now.' I guess I was putting that vibe out because a minute later these dudes stopped and offered me a ride. I knew that was my chance to get what I had been craving. I didn't even wait for it, I went right ahead and grabbed this guy's tool. It was already massive, too. Lovely to know we were on the same page. I was so happy to get a taste of that tool that I sucked him off extra good. And when we have sexual intercourse I opened my legs wide and let him drill me as massive as he wanted, because that's how I like it, too.See More of Giselle Capri at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!